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Gold is a unique element that has been almost universally treasured. It’s rare, but it isn’t the hardest element to find. Gold has a remarkable property of not reacting with its environment, so it doesn’t tarnish or burn. There aren’t that many practical uses for it, compared to other metals, though, but here are a few links on some gold-related items.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Going For The Gold…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: "There aren't that many practical uses for it"

imagine the humble swtich, gold in em all, and there are not too MANY of them around !!!!

what practicle do you think you can do with a switch, (that USES gold)..

apart from swtiches (of which there are many), I could easily rattle off an almost endless list of practicle uses for gold. if all you had was gold im sure you could probably put it to a great deal of practicle use..

it’s not in general practicle use because it’s expensive, but that does not preclude if from such things as using gold as a cup !! or a plate, or a knife, spoon, bbq plate, im sure even some of the bigger nuggets could be put to practicle use, if you need to kill an aminal with a stone, or hammer something (softer than gold).

you could also put it to practicle use by using it as the basis of the value of your cash money !!

it’s used in electronics, photographics (film type), I guess what im trying to say is that only an idiot would make such a stupid statement, (“there aren’t that many practical uses for it”) he types with his gold plated contacted keyboard.

those words posted have probably passed through millions of layers of gold, all of which is quite practical and is a USE, and there are quite a few of them (ie MANY)..

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