As Expected, Supreme Court Won't Hear Challenge On Naked Scanners

from the no-surprise dept

This will hardly come as a surprise, but Slashdot alerts us to the news that the Supreme Court has chosen not to hear John Corbett’s quixotic appeal against the legality of the naked scanners now being commonly used in airports (though, via upgrades, there’s now less nudity involved). The legal effort was a long shot from the beginning. Corbett has been on a crusade against the machines, which I appreciate — but his efforts sometimes seem to go too far, and didn’t do much to help his case.

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Comments on “As Expected, Supreme Court Won't Hear Challenge On Naked Scanners”

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That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

So lets add entry to SCOTUS to the naked scanner required areas.

I’ve often thought that if we forced them to put up with the crap they inflict upon us lesser folks they might suddenly change their tune about caring.

While he’s been over the top, the sheer amount of BS being peddled in the name of safety requires someone making as absurd things in response.

Anonymous Coward says:


SCOTUS resolves issues when they are big enough. There isn’t enough here for them to waste their time. There are plenty of better cases to have on the docket. Maybe a year or two from now, maybe this one might rise up to that level, but for the moment, it’s still in motion in the lower courts and in the real world. Why would SCOTUS get in now, on what appears to be a fairly light argument to start with?

They did the wisest thing, they passed on it.

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