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While journalists are expected to follow a certain set of standards or code of ethics, that’s not always the case. Every now and again, someone breaks the rules and gets away with it — if only temporarily, since they usually get caught in the end. One famous example is former U.S. journalist Stephen Glass, who had fabricated many articles while he was working for the magazine The New Republic in the 1990s. (Apparently, he’s now fighting for the right to practice law in California, after he was denied a license in 2007 on moral grounds.) Here are a few more examples of bad journalism.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Journalism FAIL”

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Aaron T (profile) says:

Ryan Holiday...

is a bit of an interesting choice. Unlike the other examples, Ryan isn’t a journalist- From what I gather, instead he took advantage of lazy journalists who pretty much failed to do any of their own research and fact checking.

Did he take advantage of them? Absolutely. Was it malicious at times? Almost certainly. And while I don’t condone what he did, the fact that he was so wildly successful at it seems to indicate there is a bigger problem within the journalist community then just Ryan taking advantage of their trust.

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