DailyDirt: Interstellar Travel — 'To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before'

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If only interstellar travel were as easy as it is depicted in movies and TV shows like Star Trek… While we won’t be traveling beyond our solar system anytime soon, there are already plenty of efforts underway to develop the technologies needed to make interstellar travel a reality. Here are a few examples.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Interstellar Travel — 'To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before'”

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Violated (profile) says:

Re: to go boldly where no MAN has gone before....

It is not a plan as such but a group of people who want the same goal and donations from people who believe in the same goal and want to help. This is largely removed from the whim of politics who tend to be good at killing plans and wasting money.

So it is just intelligent people who have an idea what technology we need and then to use the donations to fund advances in those directions. Then using this new technology they can make profit and obtain further funds to meet their goals.

This point of all this is that getting to another star system is possible even if extremely hard. It is all physics and time/distance for the power needed along with systems to last the trip. If we don’t believe it is possible, if we don’t aim to achieve this goal, then we simply will never ever get there.

So all about going and doing it. Human civilization won’t last forever and who knows what the future holds.

Violated (profile) says:

500 is the idiot plan

You don’t need to send 500 people to another star system.

What you need is human eggs and sperms which can be frozen for as long as you what. No oxygen use, no food or water needed, and only little power use.

Then about 12 to 17 years away from exoplanet landing it is best to create 20 females (2 are spare). Oxygen, food, water and a robotic education then needed.

These 20 females once landed create a farm and crops. Most important is that each female is made pregnant as many times as possible with boys and girls. Some of the women work on the farm and others do young child care.

As the children get to schooling age they get a robotic education system to educate them into needed jobs. Extra buildings, mining, electronics, factory work and more.

In about 20 years on the planet you should have around 250 citizens in a small town. Then as they are encouraged into marriage and banging away hard it is time for the robotic education system to work out what other job types are needed such as Nuclear Power engineers for power plants.

Then as they slowly spread over the planet’s surface your job is done and they can now look after themselves. So all it took was some genetic donations from some healthy people back on Earth.

Obviously there would be a lot of technology needed and it would not be an easy life for those first 20 women. Still if they fail then your system can just make another 20.

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