DailyDirt: You Say Ketchup, I Say Catsup…

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Ketchup actually started out as a fish sauce and somehow evolved into the much more widely-consumed condiment we know today. Early recipes of ketchup contained sodium benzoate — which was banned in the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act. That ban led to other formulations which contained vinegar as a preservative and used ripe tomatoes. Here are just a few more fascinating factoids about this tangy, thixotropic, tomato-based foodstuff.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: You Say Ketchup, I Say Catsup…”

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Getting It All Out

There are a couple of ways of making sure you get every last bit of it out of the bottle:

1) As it gets low, start propping it upside down when you put it back in the larder/fridge.
2) Give it a vigorous shake with the cap firmly on to coax it all closer to the opening. Then you can open the cap and dribble it out with less vigorous shaking.

Anonymous Coward says:

here's the things i apply to avoid this problem

1. I store the container upside down
2. In cases where point 1 wasn’t applied, I point the nozzle downward then I flick my wrist such as to stop the motion of the container abruptly

That being said I’d gladly have this invention aplied on my diches and bowls. I hve doing the dishes and don’t want an energy & water wasting machine to do it either, nor do I have the room for one.

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