DailyDirt: Will Refill Cartridges For Food Printers Be Insanely Expensive?

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The technology for 3D printing is getting better and cheaper all the time, but some folks think the “killer app” for these printing machines is in food preparation. Food printers aren’t quite like Star Trek replicators just yet — nor is there a way to eliminate the scarcity of food. Still, it’ll be pretty cool when most households own an oven, stove, microwave oven… and a 3D food printer.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Will Refill Cartridges For Food Printers Be Insanely Expensive?”

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ken (profile) says:

3D Printing Could Change the World

3D printing may make the fights over music and movie copying look tame in comparison. Imagine when you can print physical objects. The interests that manufacture these things are going to demand their products be covered under copyrights.

What this will do is make a lot of manufacturing obsolete. It could fundamentally change our economy since we may no longer rely on corporations nor the work others to provide for our own needs.

When we can provide our own wants and needs their is little need for money or other trading instruments since the basis for money changing hands is because person A has something person B wants and must trade something B wants to get it. If Person A can get what he wants without person B then there is no need for any kind of trading.

el don says:

re 3D printing for food?

you’re kidding, right?
we’re all knowing that even GM food is frankensteinian for our bio-security, that additives and unnatural foods can even be the causee of autism in children for gawds sake, and now someone is seriously advocating that we replicate food?
er.. evolution? the delicate relationship between the gut and the intake? the function of the whole greater than the sum of its parts? techno-wonderland is not real, and people who mindlessly applaud every advance in technical matters need to get out more.

ChrisB (profile) says:

3D Printing Could Change the World

3D printing allows niche manufacturing, just like the internet allows niche content. I went into an auto parts store last week and looked at all the boxes on shelves. This is just stupid. (The same stupidity of the bookstore with random books, and a record store with random CDs.) How do they know what is going to be in demand tomorrow? Having small store with a 3D printer and a million part files is the future. There is still room for corporations, but they need to adapt!

Wally (profile) says:


“Peter Thiel’s philanthropic foundation has invested in Modern Meadow — a company that will develop 3D bioprinting techniques for disrupting the current meat industry. Growing edible meat tissue without a farm could be more environmentally friendly, but one of the company’s first goals is to just grow a 1-inch long piece of synthetic meat suitable for eating.”

Forget the foods industry…. How about printing kidneys (long shot, has to be exact) and hearts (more viable because we can print the cartilage structures). There is no question in my mind that the 3d printing tech will mature into a less expensive, viable way of growing replacement body parts.

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