Hilarious Attack Ad In Florida Suggests That Legalizing Autonomous Vehicles Puts Old People At Risk

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It’s political silly season, so you expect to see all kinds of ridiculous campaign ads, and in local elections they can get particularly bizarre. Most of them have little to do with technology and innovation and things that we focus on, but here’s one that’s been making the rounds that seems worth discussing here. A local campaign ad in Florida attacked candidate Jeff Brandes for… legalizing “driverless cars” in Florida. First, just watch it:

The voice over and the graphics are pretty funny, but hilariously wrong. The idea that driverless cars are going to run down little old ladies in the street seems pretty odd — especially when you consider the driving ability of some of those little, old ladies themselves. I’ve spent plenty of time in Florida, and I’d feel a hell of a lot safer with autonomous vehicles on the road than some of those little, old ladies behind the wheel.

Then, the ad “quotes” Forbes supposedly saying that “Driverless Cars for All: More DANGEROUS Than Driving.” Here’s the screenshot:

Except… as Alex Knapp at Forbes points out, if you look at the actual article in question, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the physical safety of autonomous vehicles, but is more of a political discussion about the idea that, someday, in someone’s imagination, we’ll all be required to use autonomous vehicles, rather than be able to make bad distracted driving choices on our own. In other words, completely unrelated to what the ad appears to be suggesting.

But, more seriously, the ad then attacks the candidate by saying he should be focused on the economy and jobs. Um. You know one good way to do that? It’s to help advance job-creating technology and innovations. You’d think that seniors in Florida would be excited, not worried about autonomous vehicles, in that they could help make them a lot more mobile.

Either way, the ad is silly, and pure misleading luddism targeted at Florida seniors. And, clearly, they didn’t work, as the guy won his primary anyway. Oh, and it’s worth noting that his opposing candidate — the one that ad wanted the little old ladies to vote for? Yeah, he voted in favor of the same proposal to allow autonomous vehicles on the roads in Florida too. Ah, politics…

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Comments on “Hilarious Attack Ad In Florida Suggests That Legalizing Autonomous Vehicles Puts Old People At Risk”

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Dark Helmet (profile) says:

Honest Question:

I noticed that after the video is concluded and the usual amalgamam of suggested next videos pops up, the one in the lower right hand corner is called “oracle advice” and shows a picture of the The Oracle from the sequels of The Matrix movies.

Is this because the voiceover in the political ad is done by that woman? I can hear some similarities in the voice.

More importantly, is this a subtle trick by The Machines to derail not only this candidate, but driverless cars as a whole, because of the mechano-fear that an AI simulating an AI would start a Matrix singularity that would unravel the entire–


Chronno S. Trigger (profile) says:

Did anyone else notice that the car didn’t stop a the stop sign? Ignoring the fact that the cars will be programmed to watch for pedestrians, a robotic car that doesn’t stop for stop signs, will never make it onto the road in the first place.

Another way these people just don’t have a clue what technology they’re fighting against.

Zimzat (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I did notice that, but I also noticed some other oddities. For a car that was supposed to just run through the intersection, and potentially run the old lady over, it still seemed slow down at the stop sign and/or by the old lady, so the framing and cutting of the video makes me think, a little, that it did actually stop but they cut that out of the video!

jupiterkansas (profile) says:

Re: Re:

The streets will eventually be far safer with these things on the road and I’m happy to see governments are already working to legalize them. Plus I can’t wait to go to sleep in my car and wake up in another city. It’s going to change everything we know about transportation – as long as the luddites let it happen.

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