Honey Badger Don't Care… Unless You're Cheering On A College Player With That Nickname

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Not too long ago, we wrote about how lots of fans of (then) Kentucky basketball player Anthony Davis were creating and buying bootleg merchandise based on the phrase “fear the brow!” which is associated with him because of his prominent unibrow. Of course, after graduating and turning pro, Davis immediately sought the trademark on the phrase, so that only he could profit from it. But now, Stephan Kinsella points us to another college athlete for whom “bootleg” apparel is apparently an issue. LSU football player Tyrann Mathieu has been nicknamed “Honey Badger” after this famous memetastic YouTube video about how “Honey Badger don’t care.”

Not surprisingly, fans of Mathieu want to support him, and have created various apparel and signs and the like, making use of the Honey Badger name, as well as statements from the video. All of this resulted in LSU warning that Honey Badger Does Care and that its “Compliance Office” was sending out cease & desist letters to any products that have the name or likeness of Mathieu, including the phrase “honey badger” accompanied by Mathieu’s uniform number (7), his name, image or anything that associates it with LSU.

Now, much of this is because of completely asinine NCAA rules against selling products that advertise student athletes (even without their knowledge or permission). But, the overall concept seems even more ridiculous when you realize that the whole Honey Badger meme comes from somewhere else entirely. Is it really that wrong that fans of Mathieu want to celebrate a player they like?

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Comments on “Honey Badger Don't Care… Unless You're Cheering On A College Player With That Nickname”

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TasMot (profile) says:

This is just overreach by the NCAA

What the NCAA is really saying is “It’s not OK unless you give me money”. Would somebody just open a shop and sell T-Shirts with all of the top NCAA playes name and numbers on them. Then, the NCAA would have to stop being so stupid, or suspend all of their top players. So let’s be “fans” of one school before a big game and make shirts for all of their top players, which would get them suspended before the game, and the other team is then granted a very easy win just playing all of the second string players.

Anonymous Coward says:

I didn’t think my opinion of the NCAA could sink any deeper… until this. The whole concept of “student-athlete” has been perverted by the NCAA into an enormous profit making venture. The colleges make tens of millions of dollars and the athletes get what? An education? Not in many cases. Memphis had a ten year stretch where it didn’t graduate a single male basketball player. Football is even worse. Dexter Manley (NFL 1981-1991) graduated from Oklahoma State functionally illiterate. The athletes who bring millions to the universities should be paid. In large part they are not given the promised education, instead steered in to general studies programs or joke majors. They have full time GA writing papers and spoon feeding them test prep material. And after their four year a few move on and play professionally, but the vast majority end up not graduating or with a degree that isn’t worth the paper its printed on.

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