Author Strips Naked To Protest Book Piracy; Probably Works As Well As Anything Else

from the that-is-to-say,-it-won't-work dept

Not quite sure what to make of this, but ZDNet has the story of Brazilian author Vanessa de Oliveira stripping naked in public to protest infringing copies of her books, both printed and digital, in Peru. She wrote “NO TO PIRACY” (or, rather, “NO A LA PIRATERIA”) in red ink on her front and back, and disrobed in a public place (in front of the Governmental Palace in Lima, Peru) with lots of cameras and press around. Obviously, there is video, though, of course it is certainly NSFW (depending on your place of work):

The ZDNet piece provides some rough translations of what de Oliveira had to say on the matter, including claims that there is no book piracy in Brazil (totally not true) and that infringement of books “endangers culture” (also empirically not true).

If it’s not obvious, this is clearly a publicity stunt around her book, which according to TorrentFreak’s article is “based on her experiences bedding nearly 5,000 men.” Uh, yeah.

But the thing that struck me about all of this is that this sort of thing probably works about as well as any other “anti-piracy” technique. Well, if anything, it might do more to increase both piracy and sales of her book, as it may increase interest in the book. But I fail to see how it does anything whatsoever to decrease piracy.

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Comments on “Author Strips Naked To Protest Book Piracy; Probably Works As Well As Anything Else”

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That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

So she bedded nearly 5,000 men to make sure her back was flat enough for the message to be clearly read?

Its monday, I’ve been good, I’m allowed some snark.

Or the sales of her book are so dismal she blames her failure on “piracy” and gets naked to promote her book and get more press coverage which will boost book sales….

Profiting from sex… wouldn’t that make her a…. nevermind…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

I am not claiming one. However, one always wonders if piracy has the effect of making professional authors (those who would write full time) into part time writers as they have to take on other jobs to pay their bills.

Opportunity cost is always a real issue, one Mike seldom seems interested in looking at.

The claim is that there is empirical data. I want to see the report.


Re: Re: Re: Chicken Little is a Stephen King wannabe

Having actually heard from actual writers in these matters, I am unconvinced that piracy is any more of a challenge to authors than any thing else that they may have to deal with. This includes rejection letters and being forced to do their own marketing.

Obscurity seems to be much more of a problem here than moochers.

Machin Shin (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Chicken Little is a Stephen King wannabe

Well, I can tell you that my sister who is an author was actually very excited when she found one of her books in a torrent. That was even when it was just part of a bundle of other books.

The fact that your being pirated is a measure of your success in a way. If no one is pirating your stuff it means you totally suck.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

“Do tell! What study proves this beyond doubt?”

I don’t have a study, but judging by recent history (say, the past century), piracy seems to have had a negligible negative impact on cultural output (if any at all).

If anything, authors seem to harm themselves more when they try to fight piracy by, for example, implementing ever more restrictive DRM measures.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

“I don’t have a study”

Mike would be all over my ass calling me names if I posted up something like that. Either bring a study or agree with me that the statement is crap.

You might FEEL it is right, but empirical proof? Come on… that would get a loud laugh if posted by “the other side”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

You picked the least interesting bit of my comment to pick on.

But, if you really want studies, I can give you some.

Try this:

(Notice that all I did was search for “yet another study” on this page. By that alone, you can deduce the magnitude of the data available which you are conveniently overlooking)

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

How about an entire sector of publishing that does not depend on copyrights and don’t see copying as something criminal or bad that is flourishing?

Have you heard of open source?

It is creating millionaires.

On the traditional though there are the Kindle millionaires that all allowed people to copy them, not to mention famous writers that also saw their own sales increase after making their own works available for free like Paulo Coelho and his website

Anonymous Coward says:

Assuming that I am a pervert and the only way to get my attention is nudity or sex does not make me like you nor want to listen to you.

I have the same attitude with advertising (European advertising features nudity) and movies. In fact I do not watch Game of Thrones because of the nudity I’ve seen in the few episodes I’ve watched.

Oh and in anticipation of some replies: I have no issue with sex. I like it as much as anyone else. The thing is:
1) If I want to see nude women, I know how to find adult websites, so clearly that’s not what I’m looking for when I turn on the TV.
2) I am perfectly capable of watching a TV show/ad/listening to somebody and enjoying it without it featuring nudity. Assuming and implying that I cannot do this is outright insulting.

Also, I’d go as far as to say that what this author did is sexist. She’s implicitly saying that all men are perverts. And I think this is a serious issue since in this day and age men are regularly discriminated against because of that sort of stereotype.
If I was handing out free vacuums in an attempt to get attention from the female branch of the public, you bet people would be quick to call me sexist. What this author did is no different, except for the fact that anti-man sexism is often not acknowledged to exist and even denied.

Anyway, this is a complete fail to get the attention of interesting people =/

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

“Assuming that I am a pervert and the only way to get my attention is nudity or sex does not make me like you nor want to listen to you.”

So with you there, but then you go and spoil it.

“In fact I do not watch Game of Thrones because of the nudity I’ve seen in the few episodes I’ve watched.”

“2) I am perfectly capable of watching a TV show/ad/listening to somebody and enjoying it without it featuring nudity. “

But incapable of watching or enjoying one in which there is occasional brief nudity. The problem is yours brother.

I refer you to Sam the Eagle, who roughly shares your view.

Anonymous Coward says:

I’ll bet her book is just terrible and she wants to blame something other than herself.

If you actually look at the most pirated works they’re all also the ones that sell the most copies, and the onezs that get pirated but not bought are completly horrible or unavailable/hard to get legally in most regions.

Joshy says:

I’m surprised someone hasn’t delved into the math….At one a day everyday of the year it would take her thirteen and a half years to reach five thousand.

I can just imagine the end of a long week was that 3346 or 3359 to date??

Imagine the tick marks on her headboard…Probably looks like an ancient Chinese carving….from a distance

Then their is the old High school debate….Do Bj’s count?

Anonymous Coward says:

She should be glad she is not in the US as what she has done qualifiers her for the sex offenders registration list.

Fifty State Survey of Adult Sex Offender Registration Requirements

And as to what that means look no further than here:

Julia Tuttle Causeway sex offender colony

That One Guy (profile) says:

You're all misssing the point

(I’ll preface this by stating that I didn’t watch the vid, and am going off of the reactions of those apparently poor souls that did)

She may have stumbled across the most effective anti-piracy strategy ever.

It’s simple:

People pirate her book, she removes her clothes.

People don’t pirate the book, the clothes stay on.

Carlos Saraiva (profile) says:

As a proud Brazilian guy I was masturbating to this while I downloading some Dostoi?vski torrents.. Seriously guys, she only write bullshit about “ex prostitute who no one cares anymore, so maybe I can sell my diary written by some well paid ghost writer and an even maybe cause some polemic”. Well, she show her tits so you guys can imagine how well her books it’s selling… Furthermore, I think Paulo Coelho has more to speak about this issue than her. (Personally, I don’t like Paulo Coelho books but the way he speak about piracy and copyrights, just an amazing guy).
And sorry by my lazy english!! I always trying to catch techdirt posts via my strangely populated Google Reader. I hope someday Brazil have such powerful and intelligent voice as well. Because we are Pirates! err… People who like to share awesome things!

Anonymous Coward says:

Jesus Christ she could have at least hired a hot stripper to protest.

I should be paid for permanent damage to my eyes… I mean ffs I’d rather stick my unit in the garbage disposal. It would turn out really really REALLY bad but at least I’d still be alive 40 years down the road.

If I went with the alternative I would still be alive 40 years down the road but I’d be in the nut house eating my own shit singing Yankee Doodle while laughing my ass off.. About what? Exactly..

Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D. (user link) says:

She's Not FAT; very important for promotion

Any woman opposed to this probably wouldn’t be able to look as good/thin/attractive as this woman. The irony is, of course, that this is a way to promote her cause and her work. What man would oppose this? Of course, overweight/obese women writers have limited their ability to expose themselves with comfort. They could, of course, if they could handle the commentary. It actually might be a better promotion than with a woman who looks OK. The criticism would be horrific though and would require a really tough skin to take it.

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