Darrell Issa Asks To 'Observe' Next Round Of TPP Negotations

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Starting next week, the next round of negotiations in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will be taking place in San Diego. We’ve been discussing how the USTR has been fine with giving lobbyists like the MPAA full access to the text, which they can read any time via their own computers. However, when it comes to Congress, the access is much more limited. Only elected officials — not any of their staff members, even if they have the proper “security clearance” — get to see the text, and they can only see it in a designated room (not on their computers) and they’re not allowed to make copies, take notes or bring any staffers to help.

Given that the next round of negotiations is in San Diego, and Rep. Darrell Issa’s district covers part of San Diego, he thought he might as well drop by and “observe.” He’s sent the USTR a letter requesting the ability for him and some staffers to be present and observe the negotiations. It will be interesting to see how the USTR responds.

It has come to my attention that the 13th Round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will take place in San Diego, California from July 2-10, 2012. Given the immense impact that this agreement will have on many areas of the American economy, including intellectual property, I respectfully request that you allow me and certain members of my staff to be present as observers for this round of negotiations.

It is my hope that observing the negotiating process firsthand will help to alleviate some of my concerns about the process through which the agreement is being negotiated.

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Comments on “Darrell Issa Asks To 'Observe' Next Round Of TPP Negotations”

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Anonymous Coward of Esteemed Trolling (profile) says:

Re: Re:

It is a way for corporations to be exempt from the law.

All you need to know really…..

“We will not negotiate bilateral trade agreements that stop the government from protecting the environment, food safety, or the health of its citizens; give greater rights to foreign investors than to U.S. investors; require the privatization of our vital public services; or prevent developing country governments from adopting humanitarian licensing policies to improve access to life-saving medications””

Take that quote from Obama…. as completely the opposite !

The sauce….

The New Corporate Powers

Darrell Issa Leaks Key Text Of Trade Deal (IP-Chapter-Proposal)

Issa Leaks Trans Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Rights Chapter

VIDEO (for you TL;DR phaggots)
What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?
Obama Trade Deal To Put Corporations Above The Law

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Best case scenario

[Congress] could just defund [USTR]

Presumably, the President would veto a bill defunding the USTR. Does Congress have the votes to over-ride a veto?

In truth, Congress has no power, save insamuch as it chuses to exercise its will as a collective body.

The framers hoped that the Congress would jealously defend its privileges and powers against encroachments from the executive?much as Parliament had struggled against Crown prerogative up thru the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and beyond.

Chargone (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Best case scenario

… too much so, in some of the former dominions, actually…
parliament with total control is as bad as the monarch having total control… either is a loss of separation of powers. in Practice, if not yet on paper, parliament has usurped the role of the monarch (except the monarch’s role as final court of appeal, here… the created a new court to take that one… it’d be nice to have govenors who actually took their role as representative of the interests of the monarch seriously…) this is no more a good thing than the reverse would be.

Baldaur Regis (profile) says:

1st point: I find it ASTONISHING that a US representative could fit a cogent, reasonable request on a single sheet of paper. Doesn’t he have ANY legal training?

2nd point: if admitted, I sincerely hope he’s brought enough No-Doze for his entire posse. Me, I’ll wait for the movie, where Ambassador Kirk,(played by William Shatner yay!) single-handedly saves western civilization through the clever and bold tactic of comma-placement. I’ll probably torrent it, but not until the R5 rips come out. I’m not in so much of a hurry to suffer through a TS cam job.

btr1701 (profile) says:

Re: Deal

> Perhaps the next time a congressional committee
> meets in private persons in the executive branch
> should request being present at the meeting so that
> they can better understand what they will later be
> expected to implement.

Fine, as long the RIAA, MPAA, etc. ate treated like the rest of us private citizens and excluded from both.

RD says:

How the USTR responds to Issa's request

“It will be interesting to see how the USTR responds.”

That is easily predicted.

It will be a big fat “GFY” and more tone-deaf stonewalling. It’s going to take a court-order or an act of Congress (ha! good luck with that) before any oversight is allowed on any of this garbage.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: How the USTR responds to Issa's request

It’s going to take a court-order or an act of Congress (ha! good luck with that)

ISTM, that parenthetical should be behind the first alternative.

See, just for example, Made in the USA Foundation v United States (11th Cir.; 2011):

We nonetheless decline to reach the merits of this particular case, finding that with respect to international commercial agreements such as NAFTA, the question of just what constitutes a “treaty” requiring Senate ratification presents a nonjusticiable political question. Accordingly, we dismiss the appeal and remand with instructions to dismiss the action and vacate the decision of the district court.

(Emphasis added.)

The ?political question? doctrine really means that when the legislature begins to tangle with the executive over their respective powers and privileges, then the judiciary possesses the good sense to duck for cover.

Both the Congress and the President have awesome powers?when they have the will to bring those powers into play.

The courts will do their damndest to keep from taking sides in these disputes.

btr1701 (profile) says:

Re: Re: How the USTR responds to Issa's request

> The courts will do their damndest to keep from taking sides
> in these disputes.

That’s not been my experience. I took a whole separate class in law school on the Separation of Powers, and the body of constitutional law on the subject is rather extensive. The courts aren’t shy about ruling on such things when there is a clear overstep by one branch on the other.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: How the USTR responds to Issa's request

The courts aren’t shy about ruling on such things when there is a clear overstep by one branch on the other.

Well, a more sophisticated (or merely cynical) view would be that the courts will rule on such things whenever their political intuition tells them that they can increase the power of the judicial branch.

ebilrawkscientist (profile) says:


*blinks* is reminded of a Torchwood episode (series 2, Reset) where they had these like nifty camera/SMS contact lenses; also featured later in Children of The Earth, episode in the following series.

This would be ideal. Someone with access just needs to adapt a pair of glasses to do something similar so the public can finally get a full leaked copy of this TPP stuff huh? C’mon its time has come!

Anonymous Coward says:

if he’s got the balls, Issa should just turn up and see what sort of reception he gets from Kirk and Co (the entertainment industries representatives). if he made sure the press were in attendance to report on the outcome of him being refused entry or being escorted out of the meeting, it would be entertaining. the reasons for refusing a congressman entry to a meeting that corporate representatives were attending and was funded by tax payers money, would be priceless.

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