DailyDirt: Space Tourism Is Almost Here

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The Space Shuttle program is retired, but we still have the Soyuz (and maybe a mysterious secret mini-shuttle) to get people into space. On top of that, though, the private space industry is starting to kick in with more and more ambitious plans to offer rides into space — or at least to the edge of space. Here are just a few more examples of these private efforts.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Space Tourism Is Almost Here”

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John Nemesh (profile) says:

It's pretty incredible when you stop to think about it...

My father is doing some of the work out at Spaceport America (LC Mechanical is his company)…the other day, I was talking to my Mother on the phone and she casually said something to one of the office workers, “get me the file for the spaceport, will you?”.

I didn’t think anything of it at the moment, but on reflection, this was the first time I have heard someone casually toss off the word “spaceport” in casual conversation!

Anyone else feel like they just stepped into a sci-fi novel?

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