Oracle Sues To Stop Lodsys Patent Trolling

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Oracle apparently has no sense of irony when it comes to patents. The day after a judge issued a complete smackdown in Oracle’s “big” patent and copyright lawsuit against Google, Oracle has suddenly decided that it doesn’t like patent bullies. Well, as long as the bully isn’t Oracle. It filed its own case against Lodsys — the quite infamous patent troll that has been threatening and suing tons of companies for daring to do in-app payments. Apparently, Lodsys has targeted Oracle customers and the company has had enough. It’s actually good to see more tech companies fight back against Lodsys, but it does seem a bit odd on the timing for Oracle, given its over-emphasis on the importance of not violating patents in the earlier case.

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Comments on “Oracle Sues To Stop Lodsys Patent Trolling”

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Anonymous Coward says:

In this case, I think PJs quote from Groklaw is appropriate:

” See why I always tell you that to avoid whiplash, don’t look at the parties in litigation and decide who you like, but anaylze the issues involved and plant your flag accordingly? Hence, here we are, on the same side of this issue, Groklaw and Oracle. Who’d-a thunk it last week?”

I think oracle are bastards for the java case, but awesome for this case.

patent litigation (user link) says:

out of hand

I think that (1) in general, patent owners should be free to enforce their IP in the face of infringement, but (2) the mobile app patent wars are a different animal entirely, and have gotten out of hand. Likely this is one of the (IMHO) rare cases in which overenforcement of IP (by NPEs against small developers) may well be hindering technological advancement.

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