DailyDirt: There's Nothing That Can't Be Deep Fried And Eaten

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We know it’s bad for our health, but somehow we just can’t get enough of artery-clogging fried foods because they taste so good. If you get tired of dry oven-roasted Thanksgiving turkeys, try deep frying them next time. Deep frying is not only a quicker way to cook a turkey, but it also produces a very moist and juicy bird with super crunchy skin. (However, deep frying whole turkeys is dangerous if not done properly — take it from William Shatner, who nearly burned down his house trying to deep fry a turkey.) Fried turkey isn’t particularly unusual, but there are some pretty crazy, deep fried food ideas out there. Here are a few examples.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: There's Nothing That Can't Be Deep Fried And Eaten”

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Andrew D. Todd (user link) says:

McRibster-Wiener Schnitzel

Yes, that is approximately what is called a Wiener Schnitzel, the German/Austrian term for what a Southerner would call a chicken-fried steak. Of course, the real top-of-the-line item is the Wiener Schnitzel Holstein: a Wiener Schnitzel, topped with a fried egg and anchovies, with a couple of pieces of Kielbasa sausage on the side, along with potatoes. The lot.

samuel bg says:

mosanto anyone?

Deeply frying food is not bad for health.. well only that you know that mosanto turn thier crops mostly on corn oil. wich the sale very cheaply to big fast food restaurants chains.

Just a reminder for you guys that mosanto Crops grow their own pesticides, kill bees and kill lab rats that eat the corn itself. + mosanto take the time to spray their “round up” pesticide…ahem. Bio weapon. on all their crops, before even considering turning it into oil and corn starch.

well bio weapon might seems arch but mosanto “round up” is trully destructive. Even after dilluing it 45 times it is still as strong and efficient… Also, food sprayed with mosanto “round up” tested on lab rats have shown to COMPLETLY STERILISE!!!! the rats by the 3rd generation.

so deeply frying food on mosanto corn oil… is the worst thing you could ever do.. that oil is the most effective and destructive silent weaponized food.

ethorad (profile) says:


We’ve been deep frying confectionary for years here in Scotland. Had my first deep fried mars bar in around 1994. The local fish and chip shop at university would deep fry anything, so we went along the chocolate counter having deep fried marathon/snickers, crunchy, rollos, bounty, etc.

Anyway, got to go … think I’m having a coronary!

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