DailyDirt: Standing In The Alpha-Beta Parking Lot….

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City planning in the future might have to take into account some technologies that sound like science fiction from the 1960s. Probably no flying cars, but there could be autonomous vehicles and less sprawl. Owning a car might not even be practical. In any case, parking lots will likely be long gone, and here are just a few links on some interesting parking situations.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Standing In The Alpha-Beta Parking Lot….”

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Self-Driving Cars Wouldn?t Need To Park

Why should a car have to park if, say, you only need to pop in somewhere for a few minutes? It could just circle around.

So instead of contributing to parking congestion, it?ll add to traffic congestion.

So there will need to be laws against cars doing such circling. Maybe ban driverless cars from going around with nobody in them. But then…

Law of unintended consequences FTW!

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