Italian Gov't Gives Up Trying To Regulate Copyright Online

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Apparently there’s been a years-long effort in Italy to give the Italian Communication Authority (AGCOM) some regulatory authority to enforce copyrights online. And apparently there has been some fighting over this (mostly over AGCOM’s competence in this field). However, according to The 1709 Blog, it appears that AGCOM is now giving up its goal of regulating copyright online:

Although AGCOM has showed its ability to reconcile the various rights and interests involved in copyright, it will not go ahead with its copyright regulation. This is because Italian Government has not yet adopted the proviso needed to clarify the nature and extension of AGCOM’s competence to this end. Therefore, until this happens, AGCOM will not feel obliged to adopt its “well-balanced” regulation.

This, of course, does not mean that there is no online copyright in Italy. Just that it’s not being regulated by AGCOM for the time being. Considering just how badly pretty much every attempt to regulate copyright has gone recently, perhaps this is a good thing.

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Comments on “Italian Gov't Gives Up Trying To Regulate Copyright Online”

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F! says:

Re: Spread the word

Pardon my ignorance, but what does Opera do to bypass censorship? I’ve used Opera in the past and found it phoned home with no option to disable this ‘feature’. Granted this isn’t censorship, but still an unacceptable breach of privacy in a web browser (or any application) AFAIAC. Firefox doesn’t phone home, and with the appropriate plugin can also easily bypass censorship. Actually censorship is easy to bypass no matter what browser is in use.

BTW, WTF does this have to do with the article anyway?

Q?r Tharkasd?ttir (profile) says:

Not quite. While a jungle is basically a self-contained eco-system, Italian laws, decrees and regulations are not a jungle, but a humongous self-defeating mess, replete with deep gaps and contradictions as to when, how and whether they should or should not be applied. This is probably why Italy has more lawyers per inhabitant than most countries, all competing to make sense of a corpus of laws of 250,000 and counting. So no one can tell what AGCOM might do of its own volition or be coerced into doing at any time in the future.

This is also one of the many reasons that explains the growth, reflected in this last weekend’s city council elections, of the so-called Five-Star Movement, the Italian version of the Fed-Up movements known elsewhere as Tahrir Square, the various Occupy, the Pirate parties, to name just a couple.

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