Got Questions About Copyfraud? Now's The Time To Ask Them!

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This month’s Techdirt book club book is Copyfraud, by Jason Mazzone. If you missed them, we published some excerpts (part I and part II) earlier this month, and hopefully some of you have had a chance to dig into the full book. Over on our Step2 platform we’re collecting questions and voting on them to send to Mazzone to kick off the discussion, which we’ll have in a couple of weeks. You can, of course, also ask questions in the comments to this post, but we’re using Step2 because it makes it much easier to track which questions get the most votes (and, if you have a login to Techdirt, it works there too, so you don’t need to re-register or anything). We look forward to the discussion on this important aspect of copyright law that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

Head to Step2 and submit your questions »

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Comments on “Got Questions About Copyfraud? Now's The Time To Ask Them!”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Copyfraud and Institutions; user agreements vs. privacy

Consider the case of public institutions holding works in their collections, and imposing user agreements on library patrons, which licensing terms are the equivalent of contracting for the implementation of copyrights for the library. The library has to obtain personal information from these patrons in order to draw up these agreements, in violation of state privacy laws.

Has anybody ever heard of this argument against those forms for Permission to copy and publish?

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