CISPA Sponsor Mike Rogers Says Protests Are Mere 'Turbulence' On Landing

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It appears that Congress still doesn’t get it. Rep. Mike Rogers, the sponsor of the bad CISPA bill that puts your privacy at risk, really doesn’t seem particularly concerned about the protests that have been happening online this week. He referred to them as being “like turbulence on the way down to landing” for the bill. He also said that he fully expects the bill to easily pass next week when its brought to the floor.

What really comes through in the article — which mostly talks about how Rogers has been supposedly working with Google to change some of the language in the bill to make it more acceptable — is how little concern Rogers has for the public. Instead, most of the article just talks about how he’s been working with tech companies to make sure they’re okay with the bill. And while that’s a start, it’s no surprise that lots of tech companies would be okay with CISPA, because it grants them broad immunity if they happen to hand over all sorts of private info to the government.

But to then call the protests mere “turbulence” is pretty damned insulting to the actual people this will impact the most: the public, whose privacy may be violated. While we appreciate Rogers’ willingness to amend the bill, it seems clear that there are still major problems with it, and Rogers does not seem to be actually listening to the privacy concerns of the public — just the various tech companies.

In the meantime, the protests continue, and if Rogers thinks they’re mere “turbulence” then it appears that not enough people are speaking out. The folks at Fight for the Future have put together an excellent page to make it easier to speak out, over at At the very least, is it that difficult for Congress to present a real reason why this bill is needed? Bogus stories of planes falling from the sky or evil Chinese hackers really aren’t cutting it. Perhaps Congress should talk to some of the experts who note that Congress doesn’t understand the tech enough to regulate it properly. As privacy expert Jim Harper notes:

“Congress has no particular capacity or knowledge of how to do cybersecurity,” Harper says. “It’s not a choice between two different versions in the House and two different versions in the Senate. The question is still open: is Congress capable of doing any good here?”

Unfortunately, in the mad dash to pass these bills (which appear to be much more about who gets to control multi-billion dollar “cybersecurity budgets” than anything else), no one in Congress seems willing to address the basic question of what problem this really solves.

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Comments on “CISPA Sponsor Mike Rogers Says Protests Are Mere 'Turbulence' On Landing”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: The public?

Congress (the people you elected to represent you) are charged with representing their constituents, ie the public. Also in the mix are a number of the Google-financed “public interest” groups all making lease stop suggesting that the public isn’t represented in the discussions.

A Guy (profile) says:


Damnit, I was hoping they got the message last time. Well, even if this passes, it is most likely destined to fail in the courts, unless the gov never bring any evidence into court due to “national security” reasons.

(def: national security-we passed an illegal bill or started an illegal program on a flimsy constitutional premise and want to use this coverall to keep our asses out of court so we don’t have to stop)

Unless the supreme court completely eviscerates our current understanding of due process, this too shall fail.

Anonymous Coward says:

it’s not just Rogers. the majority of politicians and corporate bosses have the same opinion of the public, ie, they are worthless unless buying something, giving something away, being able to be blamed for something (scapegoat) or having something taken away from them. it’s like bosses that think little of their workforce until they are in the position of having no workforce at all which leads the bosses to having no job either!

Anonymous Coward says:

If Cyber Security passes, this is what will happen (using people as an example)

Wake up and be searched for any in appropriate dreams. Which includes but is not limited to any copyrighted material.
Have your living area searched for any “Pirated” material. This include anything you fixed made by some one else.
Your breakfast will be searched to make sure you are only eating Government approved food.
Before you leave for the day, your car and your person will be cavity searched.

During your transportation(Again, only government approved way, fixing something you own is considered piracy)to your destination you will be randomly strip searched “For your safety”
Once you arrive at your destination, you will be cavity searched again.
Any structure you enter or pass through may searched, again “For your safety”. You will be help responsible for any violations spotted.
Talking to anyone will be seen as a security breach, which will get you neutralized.

When you arrive to where you are going, there is another cavity search. Everyone near you will be cavity searched also. Everyone will be fined the same amount of time, regardless of how many (if any) are Pirates, Pirate Associates or may have talked to some one who talked to some one who might be a Pirate.
Your destination will be searched for any violations as decided by a corporation. These will lead to mandatory Jail Time and Fines.
Before you get to bed, once last cavity search and a warning that any actions you take while you are asleep are punishable by law, this includes Dreams, mumbling, and copyrighted sleeping positions.
You will be told all night, “The whole experience is for your protection” and “If you have nothing to hide, what are you worried about?”.

As a side note, you must pay for all this security and it is mandatory. Not using it a Federal offense, you will be labeled as a terrorist. You will not be given a lawyer and the government may do what ever it want to do to you with no consequences because “They are protecting the public, from you”.

Anonymous Coward says:


In a true democracy, the elected officials are supposed to represent the public in their meetings with corporate lobbyist. The corporate lobbyist are there to give their views and try to get legislation that is beneficial to them, while the elected official is there to make sure the legislation protects the rights of the public.

When the elected official is there to protect the corporate interests, we don’t really have a “government for the people”.

TtfnJohn (profile) says:

The only problem this gets to solve is who controls the huge cyber-security budget the results of which won’t, really, solve anything.

Except, apparently, find new work for unemployed or underemployed specialists in body cavity searches. Who, given the number of times you will be searched you will be responsible for feeding and housing at your own cost.

Enjoy. It’s for your own good and please, please remember the children!

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Mr. Rogers, if you want the people to trust this do one thing for us.
Give us full access to your emails, smartphone, land line records, web browser history, etc. The basic full body cavity search you want to digitally perform on every citizen of the country.
If your unwilling or think that is to far, you can now see it from the public’s point of view.

While this might prove embarrassing for you, to have people reading your private communications, you need to set the lead on this. Prove all of us ‘naysayers’ wrong, show us it isn’t a complete invasion of privacy and that we should embrace is just like you have.

Unless of course the donations and future job promises are actually enough for you to willingly do this. But then those details would be known by everyone who wanted to look wouldn’t they?

You do not know what your doing, you are deaf the the voice of the people who were dumb enough to elect you, your shredding the privacy of millions… and this is the best you can do for the country?

Do us a favor, get caught with a dead hooker and/or a live boy and get run out of office already, its pretty much the only way for you to get out of this and save face.

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