Highlights Of The Pirate Bay's 'Physibles' Section: The 3D-Printable Chris Dodd

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The other day it occurred to me to have a look at the Pirate Bay’s ‘Physibles’ category for 3D printer plans, to see what’s been added since it launched with a 3D pirate ship model earlier this year. Among the odds and ends (both useful and just-for-fun) like a whistle, a stylus for touch-screens and a Guy Fawkes mask, there is one particularly amusing item: a 3D-printable portrait of MPAA CEO Chris Dodd:

A crude little 3D printable portrait of a crude little man – Chris Dodd emblazoned with the 09F9 AACS encryption key.

Print it, and behold the visage of yesteryear.

Yay Physibles!

As many will recall, the AACS encryption key (used in decrypting HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs) was at the center of a controversy in 2007, when aggressive MPAA takedowns of the hexadecimal series sparked a massive Streisand Effect that plastered the key all over popular websites like Digg. While this was hardly the only time that Dodd and the MPAA have clashed with the Pirate Bay community, it has since been commonly used as a symbol of the unstoppable nature of information online.

So if you have a 3D printer and would like a constant reminder of “the visage of yesteryear”, go ahead and extrude yourself one today. And if you’re a former Senator who took over a major lobbying organization despite your promise not to become a lobbyist, go ahead and continue waging war with the internet community—they’ll just keep finding creative ways to rub it in your face (or a 3D replica thereof).

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Comments on “Highlights Of The Pirate Bay's 'Physibles' Section: The 3D-Printable Chris Dodd”

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Ninja (profile) says:

Holy smokes this could be one of the best jokes of the decade! I certainly laughed warmly.

Quick, some1 print that and send a copy to Mr Dodd with a $58 billion copyright tab along with it where you can clearly read “The Pirate Bay? All Rights Reserved”. And an iPod filled with mp3 with a note “As a token of our gratitude for your efforts please accept this iPod valued at $8 billion lost sales” for added lulz.

DCX2 says:

Re: Re: ?

Did he exercise any of his Senatorial powers in any way during the 09F9 incident? That’s what I’m trying to get at. Why is Dodd’s face next to this key? What is the relevance?

I’m not saying this to defend Dodd. It was pretty sleazy how he said “I won’t be a lobbyist” and then goes to work for the MPAA right after leaving the Senate. I just don’t see how the AACS key has anything to do with Dodd at all, other than that they’re both related to the MPAA.

Anonymous Coward says:

Great Targets....

These would make great targets for my son’s airsoft practice (or other assorted projectiles)….

Now we just need to create all the ‘politician’ who went into lobbying (with reference to legislation they passed to support their new lobbying job)….

I’ll call them “Lobitcians” (TM, Patent Pending, Copyrighted…) with the catch phrase, “Gotta catch em all!” on the back along with the collectors number (if I don’t get sued for the references).

Don’t take this as a threat, but who wouldn’t like to take a shot at these guys….

Okay I’m done now. Seriously, if anyone moves this idea forward, I’m willing to license my idea for only 5% of gross revenue…

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