DailyDirt: Geekier Than Monkeys Typing

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According to the “Infinite Monkey Theorem,” a monkey hitting keys randomly on a keyboard for an infinite amount of time will eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare. There have even been efforts to put that theorem to the test by creating virtual typing monkeys that managed to recreate at least one of Shakespeare’s works. But those monkeys were digital – here are a few examples of some real, geeky animals.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Geekier Than Monkeys Typing”

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B Kennedy says:

Monkey and infinite time

“According to the ‘Infinite Monkey Theorem,’ a monkey hitting keys randomly on a keyboard for an infinite amount of time will eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare.”

Interesting. And I believe it with the infinite amount of time. I found the link below off Google that explains how this was tested. Not quite the same as one monkey with infinite time or even a million monkeys for a million years. It is quite a dumbed down version — but interesting. I still think the million monkeys for a million years is not a big enough event population to do even one short Shakespeare play. Maybe we have a statistician among us that can give the odds.


Anonymous Coward says:

too much free time ?

why are any of these things considered due to ‘too much free time’? cows fitten with solid state gyro’s, (as are Wii’s), also in aircraft, and many many other applications, (digital cameras, turn/bank and aircraft navigation, in GPS units and mobile phones, almost everywhere).

Chimps are NOT known for their intelligence, compared to parrots or dogs chimps are quite stupid.

Controlling things with ‘just a thought’ was invented here in Australia, years ago, and has significant implications for the disabled (in humans)..

what is the result of ‘too much spare time’ is the flood of pointless articles and silly statements that pollute Techdirt..

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