DailyDirt: Open Source Robots

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Robots are getting better and better at performing simple repetitive tasks that most people think are fairly easy to perform. But if you’re not paying attention to robot developments, you might have missed some robots that have been taught to do a few more impressive feats. Here are some examples of open source robots that we might want to keep an eye on.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Open Source Robots”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Not open source but interesting.
Using Lego to create robots to research bone regeneration.

Google Science Fair 2012: How can robots aid scientific research ? ( with LEGO)

For those who ever wondered how a differential works this one video from the 30’s(maybe) is just great, it explain in a simple way how everything works and how people got to that point.
How Differential Gear works (BEST Tutorial)

That was used by the Chinese to create the South-pointing chariot which was a cart with a statue that always pointed to the city no matter where you drove it and to do that, it used differential gears 2000 years ago.

People interested in robots should look how old toys were build.

Youtube: Lion Tamer

Circular motion, hydraulics and pneumatics are wonderful things.

Anonymous Coward says:

Robots are getting better and better at performing simple repetitive tasks that most people think are fairly easy to perform.

actually, YEARS AGO !!!! robots have had the capability to perform tasks that no human is capable of doing, NOT SIMPLE, NOT REPETITIVE, and MOST PEOPLE would have NO CLUE or ability to perform, EVER…

I think Mr Ho needs to get his head out of the 1960’s,

“Danger !!!! Will Robinson”.. !!!!!!!!!!!!

you guys are supposed to ‘know tech’ !!! what happend???

oh thats right Interlectual property does not exist in the US any more, you have given up your right to know things or to have independent thought..

AC, SumpbleUpon, is for those people on techdirt, how have given up the ability to think, or to find out things, and those who think that they can only gain an education if the “stumble Upon” it. The ones who have zero ability to actually think or read, or/and understand.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

I used to OWN my very own bipedal walking robot in the 1960’s !!!

I had a key in it’s back you wound it up, and it would WALK and SHOOT SPARKS !!!!

how many people do you know in 1212 that are able to control a laser accuratly enough to cut out a mask for a i7 CPU ?

or that can solder several hundred surface mount electronic components on a Printed circuit board per minute, with micron accuracy ?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

walking is pretty easy to do sure it is, after how many YEARS of learning how to do it ?

at about 1 year old you are taking your first steps, at that time, you have been practicing YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, and you SUCK at it, it is not for another year or so you start to gain some better control. Again, so far it’s taken your entire life, I bet when you were 2 you did not consider it so easy..

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