Continuing The Discussion On A True Innovation Agenda

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Last week, over on our Step 2 discussion platform we kicked off a discussion on what an “innovation agenda” might look like for a US-politician for 2012. What kinds of regulatory changes should they be focused on? This effort, done in partnership with Engine Advocacy, has already kicked off a nice discussion over there with some interesting ideas being tossed around. If you haven’t yet, please join in the discussion. I’m not surprised that copyright issues and open internet issues top the list of things most interesting to folks — the SOPA/PIPA debate has pretty much guaranteed that. I am a little surprised that issues around helping skilled entrepreneurs — the folks who create jobs — was seen as less of an issue compared to some of the others on the list. Either way, the discussion is still going on there, and we’ll be taking it further over the coming weeks and months, so feel free to join in.

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Comments on “Continuing The Discussion On A True Innovation Agenda”

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Anonymous Coward says:

(and, yes, your Techdirt login works here too):


you are trading you users login to other web site Masnick!!

who gave you permission to take users and passwords and provide them to a third party ?

How much did you get paid for that ?

You’ve gathered data on your users and provided those details to another company, did you provide them with your users emails too ?


WHO ELSE have you given this information too, or WHO ELSE have THEY given it too..

Why have you not informed people you are conducting this trade in private information.

WHO ELSE are you selling your information too ?

DID you ask anyone if they wanted you to make their information available to third parties ?

Anonymous Coward says:

(and, yes, your Techdirt login works here too):

lol, it always amazes me how you seem to believe you’re swaying the opinion of people against Mike. Instead, all you are accomplishing is making it obvious how full of FUD, bullshit, and lies you are. Your deep hatred for civil liberties is as clear as the shit on your face.

You are just one pathetic individual.

Anonymous Coward says:

(and, yes, your Techdirt login works here too):

What? It’s pretty clear what Mike is trying to do, which is to get people from this part of the site to sign up and make Step2 appear active. But really, there isn’t much going on over there, because there really isn’t much true talk about innovation on this site. It certainly isn’t fill with innovators.

The failure of Step2 has made it clear: Most people aren’t here to innovate for the future, they are here to “amen” Mike’s constant whipping of the establishment and business models that have been a long term success.

When Marcus goes off claiming that peer-to-peer car sharing is innovative, you know pretty much nobody around here has a clue. Mike still thinks it’s a paint color thing, I think.

Pixelation says:

Here’s an idea that has been rolling around in my head. A politician who votes on legislation based on what his constituency tells him. He would lay out each piece of legislation to be voted on along with his opinion of what he believes to be the correct way to vote and why. Each constituent can give a yea or nay. He votes based on the result of the polling of his voters, period.
Give this one to the YouTube generation.
I think the population is smarter than most politicians give them credit for.

darryl says:

(and, yes, your Techdirt login works here too):

exactly right… +10

allthough it is quite obvious, and a quick look at “step2” proves what you say, it’s just another platform for masnick worship, with allmost ZERO comments or replies.

he has to trade our user details to try to show that ANYONE has bothered to go there.

If you do go there, you will probably only do it once, when you look at it in terms of quality, or contribution its just as worthless as TD..

it might you “your’ site masnick, so therefore you think you have a legal right to use that information for other purposes.

did you state to the users of TD that you reserved to right to assign their login details to site other than that of Techdirt ?

or do you consider that information YOURS ? to do with what you like ?

Trading logins for personal gains !!!! is that so you can get more cash from Google ? and ‘con’ them into thinking you have more coverage than you actually have ?

It is clear, The failure of Step2 has made it clear

Anonymous Coward says:

(and, yes, your Techdirt login works here too):

I am not trying to sway anyone, I dont care.. I dont care if you love ‘the masnick’ and I dont care if you have given up all independent thought to allow mansick to think for you.

If you need masnick to explain how you should feel, and what you believe to be reality, that is up to you, I dont care. I guess if mansick told you to shoot yourself, you would immediatly comply, and not for a second think he just might be telling me something that does not help me.. no..

if masnick tells you to be upset and angry, you comply, if he tells you to hate something, or someone, you comply, it’s easy, no thought required..

when you wake up in the morning, do you log onto the TD to be fed what you are going to think about that day..????

the first thing you need to understand is Masnick DOES THIS FOR MONEY…. not the help artists, or to create a utopia for file sharing, it’s FOR MONEY and not money for other people, MONEY FOR MASNICK..

after all, masnick says exactly that on his own web site, if you pay him enough MONEY, he will close TD down !!!!..

everything is for sale, everything is done for a price..

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