Author Reveals Future Book & Series To Terminally Ill Fan To Fulfill His Wish

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We’ve been talking about the value of content creators being awesome (and human), so it’s always nice to highlight a few stories of that in practice. Late last week a story made the rounds of how a terminally ill cancer patient, Nachu Bhatnagar, was disappointed that he might not find out how his favorite book series, The War That Came Early, by Harry Turtledove, would turn out. The next book in the series is expected to be released in July, but apparently Bhatnagar isn’t expected to make it that far. Bhatnagar’s friend, who’s known as kivakid on Reddit posted about the situation, wondering if he could get an early copy of the book. Within hours, he had a galley copy being sent to him, and also arranged for a phone call between Bhatnagar and Turtledove, so that the plans for the rest of the series could be revealed.

Beyond being yet another example of Reddit’s famed power to do good things, it’s another example of a content creator going out of his or her way to help out a fan (in this case, under somewhat unfortunate circumstances). In general, though, it’s just a heartwarming story that involves a content creator going out of his way to open up to a fan.

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Comments on “Author Reveals Future Book & Series To Terminally Ill Fan To Fulfill His Wish”

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ltlw0lf (profile) says:

Added to list of authors to check out...

Added Harry Turtledove to my list of folks I would like to check out. Unfortunately, the first book of this series doesn’t have an e-book version available and there doesn’t seem to be a snippet available online, so I’ll have to look in the library for it.

Like all my other favorite authors, I’ll probably buy every book he has available if I like one of his books — oh, hell, I’ll probably just buy his book instead to see if I like it…paperback version is really cheap.

Anonymous Coward says:

Perfect Example

We definitely need more stories like this. It’s a shame that the ill deeds of the abusers of our Constitutional rights in the Content Cartels and government have to take center stage drowning out stories like this. There should also be someone following what happens with regards to the sales figures for this series as this is a PERFECT example of CwF + RtB and with the release of this story I wouldn’t be surprised if the sales numbers go ballistic.

Ceri Cat (profile) says:

Re: Re:

He doesn’t purely write alternate history. However he rarely if ever starts a series as a trilogy and ends as a trilogy… I seriously can’t remember any of his trilogies that ended at book 3.

I have to admit though I’ve enjoyed his writing over the years and this sort of involvement with the fans gives me another reason to like him and add him to a shortlist of authors who’ve gone above and beyond with fans, another is Piers Anthony one of the recurring characters in the Xanth novels (Jenny the Elf) was modelled off a fan who a victim of a hit and run. It was good to hear about her progress in the author’s letters in the novels, and about other fans and their input entering the novels.

On a related note sometimes publishers will help with engaging with fans Jim Baen (owner and founder of the Baen publishing house a major publisher of science fiction) before he passed away established a free online library which had selected works from Baen writers such as David Weber (with their approval and support) which provide in some cases an introduction to certain series (for myself Weber’s Honourverse books), and with their books is usually included a CD which includes all the previous titles in the series and other novels or stories that might be of interest. Sadly Jim has been dead for about 4-5 years now, along with some of the more engaging writers I’ve had contact with over the years.

Warren says:

This could be...

This could be the thing to turn his condition around. As much as it sounds hard to believe, one of my uncles has been fighting cancer for most of my life (I’m 29), and his love for life (and stubbornness) has helped him prove doctors wrong many times, when they’ve told him that he’ll be lucky to live another 2 years.

An honest and true smile, when combined with effective medicine is truly a powerful combination

TechnoMage (profile) says:


I would have bet that the following link would have caught your attention:

Where the post author wants to give the author money but can’t b/c there isn’t an ebook kindle version (in their _english speaking_? country?).

Classic example of how systems aren’t setup to actually just give authors the money you think they deserve. Also Del-Ray earned some Kudos here too.

Narcissus (profile) says:


It is available on Since I’m in a non-English speaking country I can order there. I agree with you wholeheartedly that the system is messed up though.

What actually really messes me up is that the Kindle version is actually almost twice as expensive as the paperback. How does that even make sense? Unfortunately I already have enough dead trees in my house.

Beech (profile) says:

Freetard!! >:-0

Just another example of how dying kids just want free stuff….

nope, cant do it. cant even fake troll. this is an amazing story. never heard of turtledove, and not really a fan of alternate histories (always afraid that later down the road i’ll confuse the “real” history with the “fictional” history…even though i’m aware that “real” history is also a lot of fiction) but this incredible nonetheless.

gyffes says:

Harry Turtledove

HUGE fan of Baen’s b/c of the Free Library and the relative low-cost of their eBooks, which they make available DRM-free and in an incredible range of formats (including HTML for reading in your browser, if you wish).

I highly highly recommend checking out the Baen site, and if you wanted, you could toss a few dollars donation at their Free Library: maybe you can’t support Turtledove’s action that way, but you can support the company that supports him!

Ceri Cat (profile) says:

Re: Harry Turtledove

I’d say say thank you to Jim personally, but sadly he passed away a while ago. He was a very innovative man, which is remarkable in a publisher. One of the other things Jim and his cohorts implemented was a fan screening service for inbound fiction, basically fans would get submissions and rate them prior to getting to the Baen staff and family for final approvals and edits, while Baen are not a huge publisher compared to others they’re the only publishing house I’ve never had reason to dislike, they’re approachable and most of their writers are actively engaging with fans the BFL is a perfect example, all the books there are there because the authors said ok to it supporting the concept.

Daniel h says:

I came across this by accident..and as i read made me sad to see a young kid like him having terminal cancer…but at the same time it made me happy to see he still smiles and is nice he has such a great friend!! is crazy am 24 and i have hodgkins i say thanks to God my chemotherapy results were succesfull…never loose hope brother..and say thanks that you got to meet wonderful people in your life!

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