DailyDirt: I'd Like My Drink Sonicated, Not Stirred…

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Chemists routinely use equipment like rotary evaporators, centrifuges, and ultrasonicators to extract, separate, and mix various chemicals in the lab. But, the same equipment can also be used to prepare unique and tasty drinks. Why settle for ordinary? Classic beverages are getting a makeover thanks to the creative use of modern technology. Here are a few examples.

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Companies: coca cola, pepsi

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Comments on “DailyDirt: I'd Like My Drink Sonicated, Not Stirred…”

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David (profile) says:

I like the coke machine, tho

I found one at a restaurant in Ft Lauderdale (Pei-Wei Diner). It was great! 20 different flavors of Diet Coke, all on hand. Is is such a bad thing that they can recall a flavor if there is trouble…

It increases choice and value. It actually shows a lot of innovation on their part. Ir can also let them know what flavors to market in supermarkets, as it acts as a survey machine, telling them what people buy.

Andrew Norton (profile) says:

I like the coke machine, tho

I’ve been seeing them in Atlanta since they were first trialed (the Popeyes just around the corner from the Marietta Big Chicken was one of the first trial places)

Two of my local Wendies have had them for a year now, I was there Saturday when they were adding more plain coke (they can run out of plain coke, but NOT any of the coke flavours)

Here’s a pick of the inside of the freestyle machine

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