DailyDirt: Water On The Earth And Beyond…

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The Earth is obviously covered in a lot of water, but a lot more water could potentially exist below the Earth’s surface. It’s actually somewhat difficult to know exactly how much water exists on our own planet, so it’s even harder to figure out how much water exists on other planets or moons. We also don’t really know where all the Earth’s water originally came from — icy comets, asteroids or some chemical process that could only occur while the Earth itself was forming. But in any case, water is a fascinating substance to look for, and here are just a few articles on this unique liquid.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Water On The Earth And Beyond…”

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Rekrul says:

Russian scientists are drilling down through over 2 miles of ice to Antarctica?s biggest subglacial lake, Vostok. There could be exotic lifeforms in these waters which haven’t seen daylight for millions of years.

Sure, at first it’s just microbes under a slide, but before you know it, dogs are splitting in two, decapitated heads are sprouting legs and you don’t know who to trust! Geez, haven’t these guys ever watched a movie?

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