DailyDirt: Birds Do The Darndest Things

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It’s fascinating to watch birds, not just because birds can fly, but also because some birds are incredibly intelligent and can perform some pretty cool tricks. If you can step away from playing with Angry Birds for a bit, watch a few of these much calmer bird videos.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Birds Do The Darndest Things”

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Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Flocks are locally 2D, globally 3D

If you look at flocks of birds, you?ll notice that each bird only has immediate neighbours in a 2D plane, not completely surrounding them in 3D space. So the flock is effectively like a ?sheet? of birds, albeit one that can reorient itself and curl over etc in 3D space.

PS: if it were to come to an intelligence contest between flying birds and cetaceans (whales, dolphins), I?d go with the avians any time.

PPS: I can?t see the point in non-flying birds, myself.

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