Huge Supporter Of Stronger Copyright Law, Grover Norquist, Backing Away From SOPA

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The supposed widespread support for SOPA keeps fading away, it seems. The latest supporter to jump ship is a big one on the political front. Grover Norquist, who runs Americans for Tax Reform, is a major force in US conservative/Republican politics — and a massive supporter of stricter copyright laws. Where Norquist goes on certain issues, certain Republicans follow. In fact, Norquist and ATR even have their own “stronger copyright law” group called “The Property Rights Alliance.” And, a few weeks ago, Norquist sent Lamar Smith a letter supporting SOPA entirely. But… now his group has changed its mind, and notes that they no longer “unequivocally support it,” and are hoping that Smith “will allow the concerns many have with the remaining parts of the bill to be addressed.” The group also acknowledges its concern about the need to protect “innovation and free speech online.”

I’m curious to see how the pro-SOPA folks who declare that everyone who has raised these concerns is just a “piracy apologist” will respond to this one. Norquist/ATR are about as far from “piracy apologists” as you can get. It’s safe to say that I think his positions on intellectual property are ridiculous in most cases. But, when even someone like that is recognizing how many problems there are with SOPA, it’s time for SOPA supporters to admit that the concerns of the bill are very real. And those complaining about the bill aren’t “piracy apologists,” but people with legitimate concerns about innovation, security and free speech online.

As Declan McCullagh’s article about this notes, it appears that many “pro-copyright” groups rushed to support these bills without bothering to understand what was really in them. Now that they’re learning, they realize just how problematic they are…

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Comments on “Huge Supporter Of Stronger Copyright Law, Grover Norquist, Backing Away From SOPA”

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MAJikMARCer (profile) says:

This reads more like a strategic move than a reduction of support. Perhaps they are seeing the reduction of support and rather than have the bill completely smashed they are suggesting making some compromises to get it through. The ‘something is better than nothing’ mentality.

My thinking is that the bill is poisoned at this point, even if good and reasonable changes are made to the bill to ease our fears, those who support it (even if ‘fixed’) will be labeled as supporting the original intent of the bill, even if they don’t.

The bill is becoming more than it’s language, it’s about what it represents.

anonymous says:

as discussed before, if SOPA fails but PIPA goes through, next year SOPA will be back on the cards anyway. the entertainment/copyright industries are not going to be satisfied until they get exactly what they want. what they should get is exactly what they deserve, laws introduced that destroy their monopolies completely! and as for US government officials conducting themselves in the disgraceful manner that they have (and probably still are) concerning Spain and other countries, i sincerely hope that there are some serious repercussions from the EU etc! i mean, what the hell does the US produce that is so valuable to the rest of the world? so valuable as to warrant blackmail on such a huge scale that countries fall over themselves to allow it instead of doing what is right for their country and citizens? unbelievable!

Jeffrey Nonken (profile) says:

Re: Wow...

“The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less.” – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates*

(* Howard Tayler changed the name because of a C&D letter. I refuse to use the new name. The old name was obviously a parody, but I guess there are no fair use exceptions in trademark law. I don’t care, I think it’s stupid.)

TtfnJohn (profile) says:

Some important supporting groups on the right. “Yeah we need stronger pro-copyright and pro-patent legislation and we need it now!”

The same groups now “Oh, THAT’s what’s in it? Why didn’t the geeks in the tech industry tell us that? Quick, shift into reverse! I don’t care we’re doing 60 going forward, shift NOW!”

Grrrrrrrrinnnnnnndddddddd! Currrrunnnnnnchhhhh!

The sound you now here is a transmission falling onto the highway followed by another outfit Smith has to take off his list of supporters after he gets that transmission off his lap.

gorehound (profile) says:

I will do this strategy.
Every Company that signed on whether they drop the support or not will be Boycotted by me unless what they sell is integral to my health.
Every Politician who supports this will never get my Vote for life.And I will also write them all nice letters of their so nice character.And I will hope get to be investigated for Ethics Violations or at least get all their financial infgo outed.
The cat is out of the bag now and once a traitor always a traitor.

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