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EA: We Have Never Taken A Position, Either Way, On SOPA Or PIPA

from the but-should-they dept

As a follow up to our post this morning concerning the status of EA (and Sony and Nintendo) concerning the false report that the three had quietly removed their support of SOPA, we spoke with someone at EA who made it clear that the company has not stated an opinion either way on either SOPA or PIPA.

In September, we joined 400 other companies and associations in a letter asking Congress to explore legislative solutions to piracy. However we NEVER expressed an opinion on any of the specific proposals that have been drafted.

That’s what I had assumed prior to my post, but now it’s official.

That said, as people have pointed out, EA is a major member of the ESA, and the ESA is listed as a current supporter (pdf) though they were not on the original supporter list.

Separately, while the US Chamber of Commerce letter that EA refers to does not directly support SOPA or PIPA, it certainly implies that the companies would like this kind of legislation. I recognize why EA would like to stay out of making a definitive statement either way on these bills, but it still seems to reflect poorly on the company in the long run. By now these bills have been out for quite some time, and the company surely has had a chance to review them. It seems like it should be willing to make a direct statement one way or the other on how it feels about the bills. The original story may have been wrong, but not stating a position on the bill seems like a cop out to avoid pissing people (on either side) off.

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Comments on “EA: We Have Never Taken A Position, Either Way, On SOPA Or PIPA”

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AzureSky (profile) says:

Re: Re:

EA is far better then Ubi and Activison, Not that Im a big fan of EA but, their support is better, they treat people better, Origin sucks, them pulling new titles from steam due to greed (wanted 100% cut of their DLC sales)

Activision has flat out said they will milk the pc gamer for all they are worth, thats why their titles stay at such a high price for so long.

Ubi on the other hand decided to treat all gamers as thieves and pirates and put this stupidly broken always online drm on their titles, then accuse people who called complaining about it of being pirates….

they then decided to remove it due to poor sales and complaints, but slapped pc gamers in the face by saying they wouldnt be putting out some highely anticipated titles on pc because “95% of pc gamers would just pirate it”, yet they still blame piracy for poorer then expected sales….maby they should look at the fact that around 90% of their games are poorly done console ports…..put out quality games without drm hassles and watch your sales soar.

Anonymous Coward says:

C’mon, the bills, managers amendments offered; amendments and future amendments and negotiations make it virtually impossible to take a definitive position. There are ardent supporters of the strictest copyright enforcement who will withdraw their support and moderate opponents who will change sides if certain modifications are made. Conceptually, both supporters and opponents of the current version of the legislation generally agree that piracy is a problem that needs to be addressed. It’s not unreasonable for a prudent company to withhold judgement until a bill is in more final form.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

“Piracy is a problem that needs to be addressed”: have you taken into account HOW MANY times Congress has already addressed it? And what the state of enforcement is? If you think the goal is no piracy, that’s ridiculous. That’s like saying the goal is no speeding, no shoplifting, no breaches of contract. The question of the current legislation is whether we create ridiculous rules in search of a vain goal.

Anonymous Coward says:

What is EA’s official position on strip mining? What about their official position on Monetary policy, are they in favor of a strong dollar, a weaker dollar? My point is that these are all things that might affect the company but they are not obligated to take a stance on every position. They are a business, not a political action committee.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Upside for EA

You are making the mistake of conflating people who oppose SOPA with people who pirate software. These groups might have some overlap, but there are a great many people who oppose SOPA who do not infringe on software or copyright.

SOPA is a bad bill. There are many reasons to oppose it other than “piracy” and any company that supports it deserves to suffer the wrath of their former customers.

Squid Lips says:


“In September, we joined 400 other companies and associations in a letter asking Congress to explore legislative solutions to piracy. However we NEVER expressed an opinion on any of the specific proposals that have been drafted.”

He would uses the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. He who can not live without that law is both.

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