US House Of Representatives… Is A Rogue Site?

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As the US House of Representatives continues to push for SOPA to help go after foreign “pirates,” it appears that some folks at home were doing their own “research,” in a way. TorrentFreak, using the tool, have matched up the IP addresses owned by the US House of Representatives, and noticed that they’re downloading plenty of material that’s likely to be infringing. There are a lot of books, but also software like Microsoft Windows, and even some porn.

Of course, there are lots of people who work at the House of Representatives, and there is free WiFi for guests. But, chances are that, like pretty much everywhere else, sometimes people just think it’s easier to get the content they want through file sharing. And some of those people work in Congress.

So when do we get to see the House of Representatives get listed as a “rogue site”?

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Comments on “US House Of Representatives… Is A Rogue Site?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The site has already been proven to be bogus; it told me that I lived in a town in another county, an hour away, and that I downloaded something I would never in a million years subject myself to listening to.

Have you ever thought of doing some real research, rather than simply spinning anything and everything that might help the pirate cause?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

“The site has already been proven to be bogus”

[citation needed]

(especially coming from an AC criticizing a less-anonymous entity)

“it told me that I lived in a town in another county, an hour away, and that I downloaded something I would never in a million years subject myself to listening to”

and a little bird told me that you simply made this whole thing up …

Grae (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Ever heard of DHCP?

Your anecdotal “evidence” that is “proven to be bogus” easily falls within the reasonable explanation that it logged a computer using the IP you have now in the location specified downloading the content specified.

Unless you’ve got some proof that your computer has had that IP address during the time specified then your argument comes off pretty weak. Can you back up your claim of “proven to be bogus” with solid data or citations of others with solid data?

Kevin H (profile) says:

Guilt by IP?

So in many cases where a normal citizen is accused of infringe ment from an IP the people suing her do not care that it may have been someone else using it. They go after the owner. So in this case WHOSE IP was it, or it just an outward IP for Congress? In that case does it fall to the Speaker of the House? Shouldn’t the BSA be going after them as it does others for the same thing?

Anonymous Coward says:

“The site has already been proven to be bogus; it told me that I lived in a town in another county, an hour away, and that I downloaded something I would never in a million years subject myself to listening to.”

HAHA, you just proved his point. The thousands and thousands of people who have been charged based on IPs are saying the same thing…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: You know...

Indeed! I used to own every CD and DVD for the music and movies I download, but they got lost… or destroyed!

That’s why I download them, I have the license to listen to them, I just can’t prove it cuz they didn’t come with a license key…

Actually, I’ve done this – but I do keep the destroyed DVDs and CDs to prove it 🙂

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

>How about “hacked computer”?

You realise that various people who’ve been dragged into litigation did try these defences, right? If you won’t accept it from them, why accept it from the House?

We’re not the “vengeful fucker”s. The MAFIAA’s the one who thinks that each download is a lost sale and in return, they must demand a pound of flesh. Who’s the vengeful one now, eh?

Hephaestus (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Dear Senator [insert name here]

Your IP address was used to down load the following files.

Necro bestiality 4
Gay and straight men sex 5
Men Dressed as French Maids With Feather Dusters 2

Please note each one of these faces fines of $150,000 USD. We are seeking payment of $2,000 USD per infringement per film.


The question is would they pay to prevent a court trial? Or would they attempt to outlaws this practice?

Violated (profile) says:

Guilty by Default

The replies here sum up the situation.

Say if this evidence wax only 60% accurate then the other 40% means you cannot accuse them. It does however make you suspect the House is full of infringers. They are bound to check.

They would of course reply “we did not do it” which is the same as many other people said. The only difference was their defence was ignored and they got the large fine.

Governments using 3-strike laws do like to say that being hacked is not an excuse when a person is responsible for securing their own system. An expert hacker outranking a computer newbie is ignored and this is why hackers like to point out the hypercritical nature of this belief by hacking this Government scheme. Hadopi was compromised three times so far and one of those wax serious.

So it is a fair story. Their number came up and they are guilty with all the flaws ignored. Their denial is then laughable in an ironic… yes we knew that as well.

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