SOPA Debate… Or High School?

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James Temple, for the SF Chronicle, has finally found the perfect analogy for what the SOPA debate is like: your everyday high school teen drama “replete with name calling and a stubborn refusal to let the nerds talk.” He covers, of course, the angry fight between Reps. King and Jackson-Lee over whether each other was boring or offensive:

Late last week, Reps. Steve King, R-Iowa, Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, and their colleagues managed to grind the session to a halt as they exchanged taunts that boiled down to: You’re boring. Yeah, well, you’re offensive! Nu uh, you’re out of order!

But, of course, the bigger deal is the refusal to hear from the actual experts — which Congress repeatedly referred to as “the nerds.” Temple extends the analogy even further, to figure out why Congress is so quick to take Hollywood’s side on this bill, despite the concern of actual experts, and the widespread outcry among the public:

Here, we come back to our tween picking out that smart phone. In the case of Congress, the media industry seems to be playing the dual roles of influential friend and paying parent. And they’re willing to splurge on that shiny new iPhone 4S while the tech industry is only coughing up enough for last year’s Android.

When it’s difficult to distinguish the details between high school spats and Congress, it seems like something pretty serious is wrong.

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Comments on “SOPA Debate… Or High School?”

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Mike C. (profile) says:

Re: Re: Sounds like "spare the rod' is not working in Congress

I saw this in a copy of a speech posted online in 2009 and have taken it to heart as well as tried to teach my children the essential meaning:

So I have to say what I mean by honor? It is more than acting lawfully. It is that, certainly, but it is more. It is also how you behave even when you can do as you please, especially then. Honor, at the least, means not exploiting the trust of vulnerable others for your own advantage?including strangers?who are relying on certain basic standards of human decency.

If you go by that, it’s easy to see that a majority of our representatives have absolutely no HONOR in the least.

Mr RC (profile) says:

Ignorance… is this…

When everything blows up in their face and things go horribly wrong.. they’ll be the first ones to try and blame the nerds for not telling them… even though they’ve pretty much stuck their fingers in their ears and gone ‘LALALALALA’

If SOPA passes, I will be blocking US access to my many sites.. and I’m pretty sure a lot of other sites will follow suit…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

I am not trying too, sorry schmuck. I just think Mike isn’t doing any better, his endless and repeated postings about SOPA , his attacks on the writers of the law, and his desperation to find people who are against SOPA is amusing, but infantile. It look since passed meaningful, and has made it all the way up to pickling his mind in the kool-aid.

So for him to call the debate childish is a laughable concept, as he got there long before any of the rest of them did.

abc gum says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

MC -> “You really are making a great case against SOPA supporters being like children. Way to go.”

AC -> “I am not trying too”

And yet you have, LOL. It must be a natural talent.

Possibly, you need to read this”

AC -> “for him to call the debate childish is a laughable concept, as he got there long before any of the rest of them did”

I see you lack examples of this alleged behavior, very mature of you.

Grover (profile) says:

I just watched a YouTube video that I thought I’d share: Stop SOPA by Michael Mozart. It is worth the watch.

We have voted into office some of the most technologically-ignorant, self-serving, corrupt people imaginable ? who are easily influenced by bogus, spin-doctored numbers and large wads of campaign money ? and we?re now getting a whiff of the awful stench they?ve been brewing with the big media/content industries.

I, for one, will be doing my best to never knowingly give ?them? another dime of my money by NOT buying newspapers, going to the theaters, or anything else I find connected to ?them?.

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