Musicians' Manager Says SOPA & PIPA Are Not What Musicians Need

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It’s always nice to find musician managers who are willing to speak out when the record labels are pushing for bad laws. Ryan Chisholm, a manager at Bill Silva Entertainment, has penned a guest column for Billboard where he argues that SOPA and PIPA are not the way to help musicians:

The music industry already has a poor rapport with many consumers. SOPA/Protect IP only adds fuels the fire of those disgruntled (and web-savvy) listeners who are pissed off that we in the industry can’t all get on the same page to agree on deal points to establish a consumer-friendly, legitimate marketplace that rewards creators, rightsholders and fans alike. Worse still, SOPA/Protect IP could make it harder for tomorrow’s innovative services to be developed. Today, we are only beginning to realize the potential of sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud – along with numerous popular blogs and thousands of music sites – in driving discovery of and monetization around music. These platforms have become some of the greatest tools we in the business have ever had at our disposal. These sites provide fans the opportunity to participate more directly and meaningfully in the content provided by artists and rightwsholders. In their current form, SOPA/Protect IP give far too much leeway for legitimate expression to be silenced on the grounds of combating infringement. This affects far more than the entertainment industries.

Elsewhere he points out — as we have — that the best way to fight infringement is to offer better legitimate services, but SOPA and PIPA don’t help in that endeavor at all. Those are definitely important points that many of us have been making for quite some time… but unfortunately, these points seem to be entirely excluded from the discussion over these bills.

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Comments on “Musicians' Manager Says SOPA & PIPA Are Not What Musicians Need”

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gorehound (profile) says:


Jordan Kratz of Big Meat Hammer the oldest punk band in Maine.Website is or seeding public torrents of my Art.I give my Art away to those who want it and I also allow them to put it on their webpages,blogs,videos,etc.I have half a dozen LP’s I am giving away.

My musicians and myself all hate the RIAA & The Corrupt Big Labels.We want nothing to do with these bloodleeches and they can all go to hell.
THAT IS MY FEELING and it has been my way of life for most of my life.I bought my last Big Label LP’s in 1978 or 1979 and I never went near a Big Label again nor do I care who the hell they put out.
you can either stand with me or keep supporting these asses.They are nothing but thieves to guys like me.they sign you and then you are tied up in legal krap for years after they drop will probably not even be able to use the name of your band once you are dropped.They will tell you how to look.They will record you and mix you even though you do not like the sound they get.They will want total control of your music and your lifestyle.
Sorry about my rant but I really really hate the RIAA & any Big Label.And if you do sign with them then I will not be listening to you again.Stay as you are in total control as a DIY ARTIST.
Big Labels are no longer needed by any cool and smart musician.Their time has come and the power of the people is rising.
Take your SOPA/PIPA and shove it up yer butt !!!
So Say We All !

Anonymous Coward says:


So rages another failed musician. Blaming his lack of success on the big labels rather than lack of talent. Maybe there just isn’t a market for burned out geezer punk rock. What do you actually find to sing about these days? Medicare? Depends? Shoes with Velcro instead of laces?

Me and Myself but not the other one says:

Re: Re: Re: I AM AN ARTIST !

Both you and the guy above you are jerks for equating “being an artist” with “making money”.

Lots of amazing artists have no business sense, or their art is not necessarily something that sells too many t-shirts.. or maybe they are just total douchebags (but artists nonetheless).

You are completely naive if you think all great artists are somehow destined to make big bucks.

Anonymous Coward says:

Bands don’t have to sign to labels. They don’t have to do anything of the sort. The labels are their best option, but if someone puts together a better option, I am sure they will flock to it. SOPA or not SOPA, that will not change.

If you want to change business, offer a better business model (and no, pirate the shit out of the competition isn’t a better business model).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

The labels are no longer their best option. This scares the RIAA to death. Artists are able to use the very technology they’re trying to kill and go number 1 on Soundscan. I know of many artists who are able to chart on Soundscan without being on a RIAA member label. They NEED artists to believe they are needed, but most artists these days are figuring out they don’t at all.

That’s what keeps these guys up at night and that is what this bill is all about.

PistOfArtist says:

SOPA is evil but file sharing sites are the DEVIL

I can see that SOPA is not going to help in its current form. However, pirates need to have the halo riped off of their heads. They are worse than the evil recording industry. Napster made it ok to steal and no one has questioned it since. Not all artists are rich, not all artists tour either. Some are recording artists only. So now artists have to fight both the pirates and non internet-aware politicians. Just great. Why doesn’t everyone steal digital books for awhile or something. Give musicians and film producers a break. We are broke, for real!

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