DailyDirt: Animals Are Getting Smarter…

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The more we study animals, the more we find out about their impressive cognitive abilities. And as we learn more about how other animal brains work, we might learn more about how our own minds think. Or perhaps someone will just figure out how to train parrots to pass CAPTCHA tests. In any case, here are a few interesting examples of animal intelligence.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Animals Are Getting Smarter…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

I agree. They were always intelligent, we are just now better discovering their true intelligence.

So they are adapting to new environments in new and intelligent ways. Doesn’t make them any ‘more’ intelligent, they already had the intelligence to adapt to a changing environment before the environment changed but they didn’t adapt (because they have no reason to) until after the environment changed. Doesn’t make them any more intelligent, they just don’t need to apply their pre- existing intelligence to adapt to a new environment before the environment changes. They’re intelligent, not psychic.

darryl says:

Chimps are dumb

Dogs are far more intelligent that chimps, they are also very skilled in human communications.

Most humans can determine the nature of a dog bark from it’s sound alone, therefore it is a very effective form of communication.

Dogs are also expert at reading facial expressions and body language, also their ‘mind map’ of the world around them is based on smells.

You could teach a dog to do something in 5 minutes that would simply be impossible with a chimp.

Also lion ants throw things.

Darryl says:

Accuracy of Techdirt ??????? *NOT VERY*

Since the sides of the pit consist of loose sand at its angle of repose,[10] they afford an insecure foothold to any small insects that inadvertently venture over the edge, such as ants. Slipping to the bottom, the prey is immediately seized by the lurking antlion; or if it attempts to scramble up the treacherous walls of the pit, it is speedily checked in its efforts and brought down by showers of loose sand which are thrown at it from below by the larva. By throwing up loose sand from the bottom of the pit, the larva also undermines the sides of the pit, causing them to collapse and bring the prey with them. Thus it does not matter whether the larva actually strikes the prey with the sand showers.


lol says:

animals vs humans

I think the fact your reading this article and using the internet is an argument to your statement. Your using a database of unimited human knowledge. Tv is ignorant. But people have never read as much as they have today. People have never had access to the amount of information they have today. TV is being phased out and it’s catering to the lowest common denominator of humans who still view it

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