DailyDirt: Fixing Photos And Fooling Folks

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Photoshop has pretty much become a generic verb for altering a digital image. It’s so common to use software to fix flaws in photos that it’s a bit difficult to find unaltered photos now. Well, software will come to the rescue for that, too, and it’ll help people determine which images have been touched-up. Here are just a few examples of some cool photo-enhancing tools.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Fixing Photos And Fooling Folks”

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Anonymous Coward says:


Virtual fashion models are about to replace human models in advertising. H&M has already started using completely computer-generated lingerie/swimsuit models on its website.

Right Mr Ho has never walked past a clothes shop before in his entire life.

They are called Manikins or “dress manikins”, guess what they replace REAL models in advertising and have done so for so many years now…

Get out much ???

Why is it these “tech innovations” are so damn OLD ????

All these things have been around for years and years !!!!
And you only have just worked out they exist ?

Xerox labs has created software that can predict whether or not a photography will be aesthetically pleasing.

Did you know that there is also software that does the same thing for music ? that can determine if a song will become a smash hit or not !!!

Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

Re: Doctored Images.

Whether the blurring is ?synthetic? or not, it can still be physically modelled and undone to some extent. Remember the early days of the Hubble Telescope, when the images it was producing were so crap? I was at a talk given by one of the researchers who developed algorithms to try to undo that crappiness. They were able to produce some quite usable images, even before Hubble was given its COSTAR ?glasses?.

abc gum says:

Re: Re: Doctored Images.

IIRC – The Hubble images contained information that required correction because the mirrors had been ground incorrectly. There was plenty of information in these images that needed to be rearranged and the mechanism (incorrect mirror grinding) was well understood.

In the case of TVland enhance, enhance, enhance there is not enough information available from low res video surveillance cameras to perform such stunts. Hence, the much laughed at mockery.

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