DailyDirt: When You Sleep, What Do Your Fingers Know?

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Everyone sleeps, or at least everyone besides one Vietnamese guy sleeps. Some medications to help people sleep have led to weird sleep-walking behaviors, but there are plenty of other strange things that people do in their sleep. Here are just a few examples.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: When You Sleep, What Do Your Fingers Know?”

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Jose_X (profile) says:

Reworking strong memory pieces pulled in by senses

I associate REM with deep reliving of junk in my head. Reliving memories, generally, offers a way to overcome/change/re-script/re-associate other mental pieces (“negatives” or “positives”) associated with those memories. To learn or relearn, for example, you “grab” the context that is the associated neurons/memories and then change the conclusion of the story. Eg, to learn the answer to a question, you might call in the question or the context that suggests that question and the provide a new answer (“answer” need not necessarily be an image or sound memory of the answer as written in a particular language like English). Anyway, dreaming is like wandering around your mind on strong impulses/memories. REM is just a vivid version of dreaming. The strong memories grab your attention when you are tired and your senses are taking a break. [This is a guess of course.]

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