SOPA Gets Taiwanese News Animation Treatment

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Want to know when a bit of news has really hit the mainstream? It’s when the Taiwanese company Next Media Animation does a computer generated animation of the story. These videos have become a media sensation. Guess what they just took on? Yup, the battle over SOPA, which they animate by showing Hollywood lobbyists seeking to attack the internet, and showing not only how tech companies teamed up to fight this, but that internet users are pushing back. Amusingly, they make use of the imagery from the UC Davis pepper spray incident to show how Hollywood and the government can “knock out” sites under SOPA.

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Comments on “SOPA Gets Taiwanese News Animation Treatment”

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Marty says:

Re: Re:

What illegal activity do you speak of? It can’t be drug smuggling, since the music labels have that covered. And it can’t be money laundering and tax evasion, since the movie studios have been doing that for the longest time.
Wait, do you mean copying things? That hasn’t been an illegal activity since the dark ages. What century is this, the 17th? Wait… I’m traveling back in time, aren’t I?!
Oh fuck, I should have known it. Stupid Biff always messing with the controls.

weneedhelp (profile) says:

Re: Re:

“Wow, this is almost as lame as Nina Paley’s dogshit.”

At least it was free. Imagine if you payed for it, played it for 5:33 hours completing 5% of it only to find out a crucial element needed to get past where you are does not work. Then spent 2 hours trying to find and empliment a fix that does not exist yet, and the company that sold you this defective POS could care less because they already have your money. Thanks EA. I will be joining our pirate friends and downloading a DRM free copy that works.

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