DailyDirt: Some People Drink Pepsi, Some People Drink Coke…

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There are a lot of different soft drinks targeting nearly every conceivable market. It’s almost amazing that potable water is generally free, and there’s still a multi-billion dollar industry for non-alcoholic beverages. What are they putting in water that people just can’t get enough of? Here are just a few examples.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Some People Drink Pepsi, Some People Drink Coke…”

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Bergman (profile) says:

You’re probably better off buying your own home fizzing hardware.

Soda Stream costs $100-$120 for the hardware, plus the cost of flavorings, plus $15 for a CO2 cartridge to power the thing. When the cartridge is empty, you take it in and do a tank exchange for a filled one, paying another $15 for the full one. Given the size of the cartridge, that’s more than $1 per ounce of CO2. Granted, it’s cheaper than buying 12-packs of cans, but…

Buying a bulk 20lb CO2 tank costs around the same as buying the Soda Stream hardware. You’d spend another $20-$60 on the hoses, valves, nozzles and other hardware. And you’d still need to buy flavored syrup. But it costs around $15-$20 to fill the 20lb cylinder, usually less than $1 a pound. One pound of CO2 is more gas than the entire Soda Stream cartridge can hold.

A little more expensive up front, but MUCH cheaper in the long run. And owning your own bulk CO2 tank means that when Soda Stream inevitably comes out with a new version that lacks backwards compatibility, or simply stops selling their proprietary CO2 cartridges, you can keep on making your own fizzy drinks all you like.

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