DailyDirt: Everyone Knows The Moon Is Made Of Cheese…

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Astronauts haven’t been back to the moon in a long time. It’s not quite as simple as building a rocket in the backyard with your trusty dog. The technology to get people back to the moon could be re-created, but the benefits of doing it again don’t seem to justify the costs. Maybe someday folks will go back, but until then, here are a few moon-related links for your amusement.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Everyone Knows The Moon Is Made Of Cheese…”

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teka (profile) says:


NASA holds that every single half-gram of moon material brought back is/was/always will be their exclusive property.

Moderate amounts have been “gifted” to various cities, heads of state and other figures, but apparantly only as some kind of open-ended loan.

Even if you were never told about this “arrangment”, or received the moon material inside some bit of astronaut equipment collectible that you Did legally buy, they will seize the moon material as soon as it hits any kind of auction or private sale market.

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