DailyDirt: Diamonds Don't Just Look Pretty….

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Diamond is a fascinating material due to its extraordinary hardness (and other properties such refractive index, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and chemical inertness). Diamonds have also been historically difficult to synthesize in desired quantities. However, making artificial diamonds is becoming a practical process, so it’s possible we’ll see more and more products made from artificial diamond. Here are just a few interesting links on this awesome allotrope of carbon.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Diamonds Don't Just Look Pretty….”

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Anonymous Coward (user link) says:

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon. Carbon has six protons! If you do the math, and consider that six is an evil number, this means that Mike is conspiring with Google as predicted by Nostradamus.

I’m a desperate lawyer and I’m about to lose my job. I need help. Someone, please help me! HELP!!!! Believe my ridiculous conspiracy theory!!! I’m a paid shill and my employer is about to fire me because I’m not convincing anyone! Please believe me so that I won’t get fired.

There, I think I can create conspiracy theories even more ridiculous than those of Techdirt IP maximists. How did I do?

Butcherer79 (profile) says:

Re: Gold/Diamond Infused Contact Lenses...

“I am curiositically aroused…”

Best you get your hands on those public domain films that have been talked about here recently 😉


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