Another Court Makes Righthaven Pay Up For Its Trolling Ways

from the eine-kleine-schadenfreude dept

The judgements against copyright troll Righthaven are starting to pile up. Righthaven recently tried (unsuccessfully) to convince a Nevada court that $34k was more money than it could reasonably scrape together to post a bond while it appealed the adverse judgment in that case. Now another Nevada court has ruled against Righthaven, awarding the defendant Thomas DiBiase reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs; this time in the even larger amount of $119,488.00. That’s got to hurt.

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Comments on “Another Court Makes Righthaven Pay Up For Its Trolling Ways”

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AJ (profile) says:

It’s kind of sad how these legal predators can build a shell company/corporation to shield them from personal loss, where the average person is held personally responsible for his/her actions.

I hope if this company folds up shop, that the judge goes after the lawyers personally. If the people they are extorting don’t get the option of an easy out, neither should they.

davnel (profile) says:


I’m repeating what I said in Ars Technica, it still applies:

No, Righthaven won’t pay anything to anyone. The only way the defendants will see anything is to have a judge include Stevens Media into the fray and get THEM to pay. Righthaven will be bankrupt by then.

What really frosts me is the fact that the courts have allowed this crap to go on for two years, and have essentially ignored Righthaven’s pranks. If you or I went into court and pulled even ONE of their tricks, we’d find ourselves in jail for contempt so fast our heads would spin. Why was this allowed to go on? And why is it being allowed to continue????

anonymous says:

Stephens Media, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Denver Post (hope i’ve got the names right), should be made to pay any monies that Righthaven themselves say they cant pay. after all, they were all in this ‘scam’ together, weren’t they? they were all receiving payments from those that gave in, didn’t fight back, weren’t they? they cant all declare bankruptcy, surely, which seems to be the direction that Righthaven is going to head, in order to get out of paying for the cases it has lost/will likely lose.

FuzzyDuck says:

Copyright seizure

Here’s an idea, how about seizing the copyrights on whatever righthaven was “protecting”, and use that to reimburse the victims.

After-all isn’t a person who gives an order to commit a crime equally if not more guilty of that crime? And since corporations are people… this should apply to them too.

dwg says:

Re: Re: Guidance

Thanks for the information. Fine: I’m not laughing. It’s sad how utterly wrong your information is–and you know it, if you’ve read any of the opinions and underlying caselaw. I’m pretty sure that (1) you have, and you’re a sad shill, holed up in a SRO motel because of this shitstorm; or (2) you haven’t, and therefore should.

Please: do not even attempt to claim that you’re educating anyone. At the very best, you’re incorrect. And I’m going to stick my neck out and guess that your motives are not what you claim, and that you’re simply lying. Liar.

dwg says:

Re: Re: Re: Guidance

Hey, friend: do you know when a defendant gets attorney’s fees and costs in a copyright infringement action? When a suit is frivolous is when. And so, how many court findings of frivolous litigation by the same plaintiff, on the same facts = guidance, and how many = proof of wrongdoing by that plaintiff?

I’ve never heard the legal standard for this, but I sure want to hear it now. With citations, please. It sounds to me like you must have one.

dwg says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Guidance

That’s hysterical. So is your dodge. Pathetic–I would’ve loved for you to try to actually back up a single thing you said. I mean, you know, if this is actually the same guy with a different snowflake for a new day and all.

And you have the audacity to judge others’ understanding of this matter? You’re just a talking head–no substance behind a single one of your assertions. Either answer me or admit you’re wrong.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Guidance

Either answer me or admit you’re wrong.

Why? I don’t know you and I don’t owe you anything, unless you think I borrowed $5 from you at some point and never paid you back. Put on your big girl panties and realize that I’m not here for your amusement, enjoyment, nor am I here specifically to answer any of your questions no matter how much you froth at the mouth and demand things.

I’ll tell you what. Admit that you’ve been trolled, you fell for it, and that you’re dumber than whatever excreta has leaked into your underpants since you were concentrating harder on posting than keeping your bodily functions in order or go cry in a corner. Those are your choices. Pull your panties out of your butt and learn that some people just enjoy pissing in your Cheerios. Try to be less of an inbred moron.

There should be a duty of competence among posters, and it shouldn’t be up to trolls to tell you when to just give it up because you’re being purposefully led to look like a mouth frothing moron. Looks like you need some guidance as well.

dwg says:

Re: Re: Re:4 Guidance

That’s what I figured. Except that when you started in with your “guidance” spiel, you gave away that you were actually trying to weigh in on the topic. And so, no, you’re not trolling: you’re failing. Good try tho: I always love the “Just kidding!” defense to complete know-nothingness. Keep it up.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:5 Guidance

There was no weigh in. There was nothing of substance. I love being a troll. The original post was a callback to the following article:

If you’re too stupid to see that at this point, you’re beyond help. It’s a good thing I don’t give a crap about these rulings one way or another. If there were something I truly wanted, I’d kindly ask you to be on the other side of the debate…..

P.S. I go up for a raise soon. Can you please go convince my boss why I don’t deserve one?

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