DailyDirt: Eating Like A King…

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Some people eat to live. Others live to eat. Since there’s a pretty wide range between those two extremes, here are just a few quick links to some examples of interesting eating habits.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Eating Like A King…”

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Androgynous Cowherd says:

Airlines have tried to offer healthier food options for travelers, but a lot of flyers are sticking to salty snacks and comfort foods.

But of course. They should have predicted this. Passengers will crave such food to psychologically offset the negative emotional influences of TSA gropes and naked scans, long waits in lines with a risk of missing the flight if everything took enough longer than usual, delays and cancellations, and then, once they’re aboard, the quiet nagging fear that someone will blow up the plane, or someone will hijack the plane, or their luggage will end up in Cleveland instead of Orlando.

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