DailyDirt: No 9000 Computer Has Ever Made A Mistake Or Distorted Information…

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The “Singularity” describes a future when technology obtains superhuman intelligence — and when people won’t be able to outwit their technological creations. So far, humans have lost to computers playing chess and Jeopardy! (and a few other games) — but machines aren’t our overlords just yet. Here are a few more datapoints pointing to better and better artificial intelligence.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: No 9000 Computer Has Ever Made A Mistake Or Distorted Information…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

He provided the example of music, a field he worked in extensively, and the negative reaction of musicians’ unions to synthesizers in the 1980s, driven by fears that these working professionals would lose the opportunity to make money. As Kurzweil pointed out, instead of losing the ability to make money, their profession simply evolved. “If you go to a music conference now, it’s like a computer conference with these very powerful musical tools where musicians can command a whole orchestra, and so forth, and actually do a lot more with the technology. In fact, music is more vibrant than ever and musicians are very much in demand.”

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nataly-kelly/ray-kurzweil-on-translati_b_875745.html

That can’t be right, he said musicians evolved. Apparently he doesn’t know the musicians from the RIAA.

darryl says:

Re: Re: Re:

Micheal WTF are you talking about ?????

(were they ‘single’ words).

A single word cannot be a ‘description’

Michael what is the implication of the statement you made?

You can use “MULTIPLE” words to explain it if you like.

Michael describle in sigle words ANYTHING FREAKING THING ?

Oh what you cant do that, oh my you had better have a long talk to your mother…………

Here are some single words for you, but they do not describe my mother (deceased) or father (deceased). But probably quite well explains yourself…

Mr HO..


shall I continue?, or have you got the point (apart from the one on your head)!!!

Michael Ho (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:


Either you’ve never see the movie Blade Runner.. or you’ve just failed the Voigt-Kampff test… or you have a really strange sense of humor….




My previous comment is just a quote from that movie… and it was for Strawbear.

In answer to your query, these questions are written down for me….

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

“My previous comment is just a quote from that movie”

Original !!!!

Yes, I have seen blade runner, but I have never bothered to memorize is word for word, I guess I have a life instead !

And I thought the HAL 9000 was from a DIFFERENT Movie!!!!

I’ll give you are computer quote from a movie “THE DISH”
regarding their navigation computer (for Apollo 11)

“are we stuffed ??” ….. “Yep, were stuffed”

Oh, and I upset someone’s sensitivities !!! oh dear, go crying home did you ??

Peter Kinnon (profile) says:


Within the context of a broad evolutionary model for which there is good evidence the “singularity” is better considered as a “phase transition” to the next stage in nature’s on-going life process.
This model is very informally discussed in “The Goldilocks Effect: What Has Serendipity Ever Done For Us?” (free download in e-book formats from the “Unusual Perspectives” website)

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