Copyright Trolls Invading Australia

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It appears that the plague of copyright trolls is moving down under to Australia. There’s really not much of a surprise here. It’s yet another example of some lawyers finding an opportunity to abuse copyright law to shake people down by offering “settlement fees” that are less than the cost of going to court. In the UK, such plans have been pretty harshly beat back, but they continue to spread elsewhere. In this case, it’s an operation called Movie Rights Group, and it’s planning to sue an awful lot of folks. Of course, whether or not it can actually get anyone to pay up is another story.

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Comments on “Copyright Trolls Invading Australia”

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Anonymous Coward says:

“and it’s planning to sue an awful lot of folks.”

I think this is the best way to get the general public more aware and concerned about the issue and the problems that IP is causing. If we want to spread general awareness, what better way than this? Suing 100 people hardly raises enough public awareness for anything to get done, but suing hundreds of thousands of people will raise a lot more public awareness.

Think telemarketers, but only worse. Think do not call list. Telemarketer protesters were marching congress by the millions to force it to pass Do Not Call List laws and Congress responded very quickly, despite the heavy industry lobbying against it. Even the mainstream media practically had no choice but to be almost supportive of the bill. This was before the Internet was anything close to as well used as it is now.

What these people are doing is even worse. It spells class action lawsuit all over it. People have raised class action lawsuits for much smaller, pettier issues. This could easily create even a larger class action lawsuit and it could start creating more public awareness about our broken IP system regardless of the short term outcome.

G Thompson (profile) says:

Well I suspect myself and a whole lot of other Australians that I know in the Legal and Digital Forensics professions will be doing a lot of pro bono and even volunteer work to get rid of this fraudulent practice.

I hope Loyds Solicitors in QLD have expertise in Digital Evidence, the TIA (1979) [oh that one is a doozy], the TPA [and not just s52], and of course numerous things such as undue influence, fraud, and lets not forget Anti-Spam laws and our uniform defamation act too.

Oh and I hope they are explaining to their clients that their clients are very much in problematic areas if they are not explaining to the ISPs they are contacting (and maybe threatening) that the ISP’s could also be not immune under Agency laws either.

Let the games begin I say.

Nick Coghlan (profile) says:

Missing the big hammer

One of the things missing from the mass legal extortion strategy here in Australia is the threat of massive statutory damages, so the costs of going to court aren’t as prohibitive for the prospective defendants (nor are the results as profitable for the plaintiffs).

Of course, a legal battle isn’t going to be fun for any reason, so they may still get some folks to pony up the cash to make them go away.

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