DailyDirt: Contrary To Popular Belief, Diamonds Aren't Forever

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There are plenty of good reasons why gold is a valuable element that has been used as money instead of other substances in nature. Diamonds might have been an interesting form of carbon to use in a monetary system, but diamonds don’t actually last forever. Here are just a few quick links on diamonds.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Contrary To Popular Belief, Diamonds Aren't Forever”

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6 (profile) says:

” But there are possibly other forms of carbon that could be more sparkly — if only they could be synthesized.”

What’s that you say? If only there was someone who would and could and did invent a method of synthesizing them? I don’t suppose you’d be willing to reward someone who did such a thing with a document granting them exclusive use of that invention for oh, say, 20 years or so, would you?

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