Confirmation That Record Labels Wanted ISPs To Spy On Users And Report Infringement To RIAA

from the no-surprise dept

This is hardly surprising, given previous statements and actions, but a redaction failure by the UK government in a Freedom of Information document handover resulted in TorrentFreak being able to see how Lucian Grainge (now CEO of Universal Music) explained to Peter Mandelson (whom he was lobbying to create the Digital Economy Act) how they wanted ISPs to report directly to record labels on people who might be file sharing, so the labels could take legal action:

“As ISPs can monitor the amount of power used by specific users and the sites connected to, it is possible for ISPs to pass on any details to owners of particular rights, who could then take legal action.”

This, of course, is the dream state for the industry, though they haven’t been able to get anyone to really go that far yet. Still, it is interesting to see them directly bringing it up with lawmakers.

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Comments on “Confirmation That Record Labels Wanted ISPs To Spy On Users And Report Infringement To RIAA”

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Johnsmith999 (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Peter Mandelson, was twice kicked out of tony Blairs govenment. once in 1999 (Quote from Wikipedia)” On 16 October 2000 it was reported that Geoffrey Robinson, the Labour MP, “accused Peter Mandelson of lying to the Commons about the home loan affair that cost both of them their Government jobs.”[23][24]

He was then kicked out of the Government in 2001 (Quote from Wikipedia) “On 24 January 2001, Mandelson resigned from the Government for a second time following accusations of using his position to influence a passport application.[26][27]”

He was instrumental in bringing in the DEA (it has since been discovered through a FOI request that he was “influenced” by Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music Group) against the wishes of the British Public.

how is it that such a corrupt Politician is able to stay in the House of Lords when it is so obvious that does not deserve to be called a “Lord”

gorehound (profile) says:

Re: Rock 'n Roll Becomes Authoritarian

not my music.see
I am Jordan founder and leader of Big Meat Hammer the oldest longest going punk band in Maine.We still do GG Allin covers.We are just as scummy as we always were except now we are getting older so more decrepit !!!
My other bands all were never sell-outs.
The Transplants
The GoreHounds
The Lynn Rebels
There is a lot of audio you can download from the site or you can use TPB for torrents of my art.
I have hated big labels since the 70’s and will never turn back.I support INDIE only and to hell weith the RIAA and MPAA !!!
Believe me real Punks Not Dead !!!

Thomas (profile) says:

What does "power"

have to do with it?

Anyway, all the RIAA or MPAA needs to do is bribe enough Congressmen and the White House and perhaps a few SCOTUS judges with enough money to pass it. Members of congress need the money for re-election campaigns and expensive vacations and hookers and drugs. There are no honest politicians above the very small town levels anyway. If an honest politician somehow gets re-elected they will lose re-election because they didn’t have the funds to campaign again.

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