TSA May Announce New Behavior Screening Plans Soon

from the wait-and-see dept

Apparently the TSA is planning to roll out some changes to its screening process in the coming months, including embracing at least some of the “Israeli method” of airplane security, which tends to focus much more on behavior, rather than what you have on you.

“I’m very much interested in expanding the behavior detection program, upgrading it if you will, in a way that allows us to?.have more interaction with a passsenger just from a discussion which may be able to expedite the physical screening aspects,” [TSA boss John] Pistole said during an appearance at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. “So, we’ve looked at what works around the world, some outstanding examples and we are planning to do some new things in the near future here.”

Pistole declined to elaborate on the enhanced behavior detection program but said it would “probably” be announced in August. During an on-stage interview with CNN’s Jeanne Meserve, Pistole acknowledged that the Israeli techniques have been carefully examined.

“There’s a lot–under that Israeli model–a lot that is done that is obviously very effective,” he said.

Of course, the devil is always in the details, but it would be nice if the security practices were more focused on stuff that actually works, rather than pure security theater. Pistole also appears to have reiterated earlier comments about how the TSA may change its procedures so that little kids don’t need to be groped so much, saying that it would have parents “more involved in the process of helping TSA personnel figure out why a child is setting off alarms.”

Tough luck for the elderly, however, since apparently many of the people on the terrorist watch list are old, so you still need to get groped. Seems like a logical fallacy of course. Just because many terrorists are old, that doesn’t mean many old people are terrorists. A bit strange that the TSA doesn’t seem to recognize this.

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Comments on “TSA May Announce New Behavior Screening Plans Soon”

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Hugh Mann (profile) says:

I'm screwed

I’m not likely to have a lot of patience for interrogation, and would likely stick to “name, rank and serial number” sort of answers.

I’m not looking to date anybody on the plane, so am not interestd in having to sit through some sort of personality profile.

Do I have a ticket? Does my stated destination match my ticket? Does my ID match my stated identity, and the identity on the ticket? Not sure what else I should be requrired to answer or demonstrate.


Richard (profile) says:

Re: Just because many terrorists are old, that doesn't mean many old people are terrorists.

Bayes theorem is still somewhat controversial – and, given that terrorists are very rare and old people are very common, not very useful.

Also – I would dispute the premise that “many terrorists are old”. I’m not aware of even one “active” terrorist who was over the age of 70. I’d be interested to see if anyone could quote an example.

Atkray (profile) says:

Re: I like

“I’ve ZERO faith they’ll do anything with this except make the current security theatre 100x worse.”

I predict they will try to engage people in friendly banter so that people will be less apprehensive about being groped and irradiated.

And you are correct it will be 100x worse because the turnips at TSA will engage people in socially unacceptable and offensive conversation.

Example: Before smashing and disconnecting a colostomy bag expect something like this:

TSA Goon: Good afternoon sir, I notice you seem to be in less that perfect health is that because you have skin cancer from spending too much time in the desert?

Hephaestus (profile) says:

“TSA may change its procedures so that little kids don’t need to be groped so much, saying that it would have parents “more involved in the process of helping TSA personnel figure out why a child is setting off alarms.” “

That’s not plastic explosives, that’s crap in the baby’s diaper. Thank you very much for touching it with your gloves … Next contestant please.

I hope you don’t mind me grabbing your breasts after checking the baby’s diaper.

I find this whole TSA thing disgusting and unsanitary.

sillySlim (profile) says:


Hey man, slashdot is stripping any submission references to anonymous and the latest intrusion and subsequent data dump on tpb. I’m witnessing the metaHide of up to, oh, about eight “recent submissions” now for 30July11 referencing what I thought was just the mantech hack but lo and behold, two other unrelated, albeit anonymous centric, articles were pulled from discovery.

Am I just entering the wtf phase of realization? Too much coffee? It just seems like “things” are escalating rather quickly or I’ve got my head on crooked this am.

I’d offer that you go and find yourself any open discussion on this recent breach if it happens to pique your interest in the least and/or perhaps try to start one if you’re feeling feisty. But I have to pull out for a bit – maybe make more coffee – something is just not quite right.

I don’t necessarily have a “sharing platform” account to poink off otherwise I’d not pollute but… have but no have

Good day.

wrongThreadsAreUsII (profile) says:

Re: wrongThreadsAreUs

This was a /. submit by me during the wee hours last night after I discover the story on El Reg – page exists but I couldn’t “discover” it, which I thought odd. Perhaps a flurry of interest could force discussion – don’t know but got to go. http://slashdot.org/submission/1741554/Nasty-Racket-Begets-Nasty-Business—ANON

chris says:

embracing at least some of the “Israeli method” of airplane security, which tends to focus much more on behavior

Does anyone believe the average TSA line employee is remotely qualified to do behavioral profiling? It takes a much higher level of skill and training than what they are doing now. To really copy the Israeli system they would need to recruit highly paid and experienced detectives rather than the ex-McDonald’s workers they have now. We can’t afford it.

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