While In Cuba, Venezuelan President Supposedly Rules Via Twitter

from the #140charactergoverning dept

While Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was recently in Cuba to undergo cancer treatment, several media outlets reported on Chavez using Twitter to run Venezuela. Tweets included an approval of a million dollar garbage collection program and the announcement of a new park in Caracas. As fantastic as the headlines dealing with this news sound, a little nuance is probably needed. Any of the actual decision-making was obviously done in more than 140 characters, and only the actual announcements of decisions were made by Chavez on Twitter. Instead of using it to ‘run Venezuela’, it would be more accurate to say that Twitter has allowed Chavez to retain a strong image in the run up to upcoming presidential elections. Probably a better strategy than censoring the internet.

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Comments on “While In Cuba, Venezuelan President Supposedly Rules Via Twitter”

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aeortiz (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Au Contraire, Chavez is very smart. He is a skilled strategist and orator. He has millions of followers, made mostly through promises of money and power disguised as concern for the poor and socialism.

He is, in the words of Tolkien, a “wise fool”. That’s what makes dangerous. He is a traitor to the poor in whose name he governs, and an enemy of democracy in Latin America. But he hides it very well.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

That’s what I was thinking. If I had the skill (or time, or gave a flying crap) I’d hack his twitter account and start making all sorts of ridiculous announcements. Then I’d PM someone important with a bank account number in Switzerland to drop off some funds ‘just in case I need them….this is my new account’.

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