Indie Records Sue Limewire; Feeling Left Out From RIAA Settlement

from the mo-money dept

Back in May, the big record labels settled with Limewire for $105 million. We questioned how much of that money would make it to artists… but there’s a separate question too: what about the indie labels who weren’t a part of the lawsuit. Apparently, the labels had asked indie labels to stay out of the lawsuit, and Limewire made a promise that it would offer similar settlement terms to those indies. Apparently, that hasn’t happened.. and so the indies are suing Limewire as well. I’d be surprised if this didn’t settle relatively quickly.

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Comments on “Indie Records Sue Limewire; Feeling Left Out From RIAA Settlement”

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cofiem (profile) says:

Tribute to Dark Helmet

So no matter what industry you might be in
The solution when you cannot compete
Is to sue or threaten or try to win
However you can; thinking takes a seat.

If competitors are showing you up
and you are too lazy to innovate,
stick your head in the sand, no way, nup,
it’s illegal, it’s not fair, don’t tell us we’re too late.

If piracy is killing you
just start treating fans like crooks,
It’s what the lawyers say you must do!
Spend money on lawsuits, hang them on hooks!

Don’t mind that there are ways to embrace
this funny digital infinite supply
ignore or dismiss case after case
and stoop to FUD, lobbying and the occasional lie.

Digital is not analog or physical
What it allows cannot be constrained
So much content – important and whimsical
The trick is to innovate and see what can be gained.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: You're cloaking a defeat for your notions with focus on money.

There was enough in the court rulings against Limewire that it is clear they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on. Settling for an amount rather than having the court come to that decision is the only intelligent thing they did in the whole process.

Limewire wouldn’t be paying out anything if they thought their service was legal and above board and beyond reproach. You can draw your own conclusions from there.

HothMonster says:

Re: Re: Re:2 You're cloaking a defeat for your notions with focus on money.

oh I agree they were going to lose, but i think the question is when did anyone here ever say limewire was legal? What notion was shot down? That a obvious, open, and massive infringement tool that is profited on by a corporation is going to get its ass sued off?

What is the next piece of brilliance from captain ootb? That the industry hates thepiratebay?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Well duh! 😉 I thought maybe it was something more clever than that, but…sigh.

From the article (which I’ve read and apparently cannot comprehend properly):

“According to the complaint, Merlin [the firm representing indies] and its members originally agreed not to pursue legal action against LimeWire. Instead, the indie music community all owed the RIAA to pursue its own higher-profile case against LimeWire.”

Emphasis mine, but it seems fishy and/or slanted, that article, like they had any say in what the RIAA did or something. *snort*

“After LimeWire agreed to pay $105 million to the majors, Merlin wanted a $105 million offer too.”

That just made me bark out a laugh.

Huph (user link) says:

Re: Where is Limewire getting all this money?

Limewire was owned and operated by Mark Gorton, who also owns a stock brokerage, a hedge fund, and a medical software company. Limewire was a very corporate operation. Gortan has a personal net worth of 10 million dollars, and I’m sure his companies are worth much much more. The 105 million dollar settlement is not much of a setback for him or his companies.

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