Making Sure Your Ass Is Covered

from the the-offense-of-defense dept

Your dangerous ass
Point that thing away from me
Too many lawyers

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Comments on “Making Sure Your Ass Is Covered”

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Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

Covering your ass

Ah, the bliss of ignorance.
At one time, it was the mailman – bringing bills you didn’t want to pay. You didn’t mind the people demanding payment, but that “G*d D**n mailman!!!” –
Then it was doctors, telling you that you were really sick (and tactfully not pointing out that you brought it on yourself with self-indulgence!) – G*d D**n doctors!
Now it is lawyers, INSTRUCTED by their clients to boilerplate their agreements – G*d D**n lawyers!
No wonder the guilty have so little to fear; after all, it is really the G*d D**n cops, isn’t it?

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