DailyDirt: The Space Shuttle Era Ends Soon…

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The last space shuttle mission will take place pretty soon, and after that mission, the shuttles are all destined to be stored in museums (and not sent to destroy asteroids headed for Earth). Here are a few more programs for continuing to explore space.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: The Space Shuttle Era Ends Soon…”

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DogBreath says:

Re: So, The ISS Docking Module Specifications ...

That would be great, but with an upside there is always a downside:

China has plans for its own space station set for 2020.
“China has said that its space technology will be compatible with that used in the ISS so that modules from other countries could dock with its station, and it promises that its facility will be able to host experiments from non-Chinese researchers. But the US Congress, fearing industrial espionage, has long opposed any role for China in the ISS. As a result, the Chinese space programme has had no alternative but to “go it alone”, says Joan Johnson-Freese, an expert on national security and on China at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

The future is finally here. Now we really do need to worry about “Space Pirates (of intellectual property)”!

If the Intellectual Property Police (IPP) accuse China of stealing IP from other countries docked modules more than five times, does that mean China gets banned from outer space?

Steve R. (profile) says:

Lost Vision

The demise of the space shuttle program is one of many sad reflections that the US has lost its vision and continues to be increasingly paralyzed through internal squabbling.

I believe that we should have a continued “manned” program, but that really isn’t the point. We still could pursue an unmanned program. The point is that the US has lost focus and the will to make the space program a national effort.

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