DailyDirt: Keyboards? We Don't Need Keyboards Where We're Going… (Okay, Maybe We Do)

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The future of keyboards could be really interesting… or we might be about to witness some truly cool UI train wrecks. Despite all the proposed improvements to it, though, the traditional QWERTY keyboard will probably never actually be obsolete. Here are just a few more “advancements” in the field of user input design.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Keyboards? We Don't Need Keyboards Where We're Going… (Okay, Maybe We Do)”

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Anonymous Coward says:

That sonar keyboard looks like the thing I could whip up for Linux in an afternoon using my Kinect, the OpenCV “find a pair of eyes” code from pam-face-authentication, and a copy of xlockmore if I knew as much about C as I do about Python.

Nifty to see someone actually selling it already though and that they did it with sonar.

Jeff Rowberg (profile) says:

Keyglove wearable wireless input device

I try to avoid shameless plugs as a rule, but it’s too relevant for this post to pass up. I’ve been working on the Keyglove since October, and I just wrapped up a great exhibit at the Next Generation Science Fair up in San Francisco on June 19th.

In short, the Keyglove wraps a keyboard and mouse around your hand into a single glove. It’s entirely open source and reprogrammable, platform-agnostic, and very promising. The project website at http://www.keyglove.net has all kinds of info if you want to check it out. I’m still working on it a lot, but the prototype is a working proof-of-concept, and it has excellent potential.

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