DailyDirt: Weird Foods That Are Also Natural And Organic

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In the strict chemical sense, it’s actually not that easy to find inorganic foods (ie. foods that are not organic). But you might find some if you practice geophagy. Here are just some examples of foods made from all-natural ingredients.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Weird Foods That Are Also Natural And Organic”

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darryl says:

Natural and organic - what is not ?

It’s always funny when people harp on about “natural and organic” as if it is something ‘special’.

DDT is orgainic, Snake venom is natural and organic, so is plutonium, “the plague” is organic.

The sun going supernova is natural, as is the KT boundry meteor strike.

AIDS, bird flu, and all virus’s are ‘natural and organic’.

oh wait, lightning is natural, it must be ‘good for you’.

Or arsnic and cynide

darryl says:

Yes, vague as any popular catch phrase can be,

there is a regulated definition

“organic chemistry” which is basically the branch of chemistry that has anything to do with Carbon.

But you are right Michael, it is specifically vague, what you would call a “feel good” catch phrase, same applies to natural, or from ‘nature’ and what is not from “nature”.

So next time you’re attacked by a shark you can say it was ok because the shark was ‘natural and organic’.
(your point is well taken).

Griff (profile) says:

When I was at high school...

… studying chemistry,

Inorganic meant
– stuff like salt
– often coloured unless anhydrous
– simple to understand
– unlikely to kill you before you graduated

Organic meant
– stuff like benzene
– probably coame from oil
– mostly it stank
– often it was highly flammable
– teacher insisted on leaving the room before we started (“you kids only do this once, it’s every week for me !”)
– mostly carcinogenic (or else not yet proven carcinogenic)

Then a few years later the word “organic” suddenly seemed to start meaning “natural”, “good” and “wearing sandals”.

How did that happen ?

Rekrul says:

Speaking of mothers… A flavor of ice cream with a “yuck” factor twist: Baby Gaga ice cream is made from human breast milk. It’s also probably the most expensive ice cream you’ve never wanted to taste.

I find it interesting that nobody thinks a baby drinking breast milk is disgusting, but yet suggest that an adult taste it and people start to gag. It was even used as a joke on Friends where Joey takes a drink of breast milk to the disgust of all the others.

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